Ptak Warsaw Expo

The largest International Trade Fair and Exhibition Center in Poland and Central Europe, which is located in the suburbs of Warsaw. It has 143,000 square meters of exhibition space in six pavilions and 500,000 square meters of external space, which can be used to organize exhibitions and outdoor events.

Field Hospital in Ptak Warsaw Expo

Field Hospital - PWE maintains its declaration of assistanceIn connection with…

Our membership in the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Our membership in the Association of Entrepreneurs and EmployersPtak Warsaw…

Strength in unity

Strength in unityThe exhibition industry in Poland is a significant driving…

Unlimited possibilities of PTAK Warsaw Expo

Unlimited possibilities of PTAK Warsaw ExpoOrganize your own event in PTAK…

Highest safety standard at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Highest safety standard at Ptak Warsaw ExpoDear Ladies and Gentlemen, By the…

Exhibition industry waiting for the green light

Exhibition industry waiting for the green lightThe exhibition industry, both…

Discover the advantages of HOSTED BUYERS

Discover the advantages of HOSTED BUYERSThe HOSTED BUYERS program is a unique…

Covid19 Communication

Covid 19 announcementDue to the global epidemiological situation and out of…

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Fair Calendar

Warsaw Exhibition of Pigeons and Ornamental Poultry
Wiosna 2021
Marble Warsaw Fair
Spring 2021
Toys & Kids Fashion Show
09-02-2021 - 11-02-2021
Spring 2021
Warsaw Bus Expo
Spring 2021
Warsaw Motorcycle Show
05-03-2021 - 07-03-2021
Green Days
11-03-2021 - 13-03-2021
Warsaw Gift&Deco Show
11-03-2021 - 13-03-2021
Poland Yacht Expo
11-03-2021 - 13-03-2021
EuroGastro / WorldHotel
24-03-2021 - 26-03-2021
Animals Days
09-04-2021 - 11-04-2021
Wood Tech Expo
14-04-2021 - 16-04-2021
Warsaw Opti Expo
16-04-2021 - 17-04-2021
Warsaw Construction Machinery Exhibition
22-04-2021 - 24-04-2021
Warsaw Tools&Hardware Show
22-04-2021 - 24-04-2021
The Central Agricultural Fair
23-04-2021 - 24-04-2021
23-04-2021 - 24-04-2021
Warsaw Oldtimer Show
24-04-2021 - 25-04-2021
Eco Power Expo
06-05-2021 - 07-05-2021
Electronics Show
07-05-2021 - 09-05-2021
Go Active Show
New Date to be annouced
Beauty Days
Spring 2021
Warsaw Comic Con
May 2021
Food Tech Expo
26-05-2021 - 28-05-2021
Warsaw Pack
26-05-2021 - 28-05-2021
Clean Expo Poland
Spring 2021
China Home Life
Spring 2021
RemaDays Warsaw
Spring 2021
Warsaw Shop Expo
Spring 2021
Warsaw Plast Expo
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Food Expo
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Dental Medica Show
09-09-2021 - 11-09-2021
China Brand Show Poland
Autumn 2021
Automatica Expo
22-09-2021 - 24-09-2021
Expo 4 Future
Autumn 2021
30-09-2021 - 02-10-2021
Automotive Parts Expo
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Fishing Days
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Sweet Tech
19-10-2021 - 20-10-2021
Warsaw Yacht Salon
New Date Coming Soon!
Camper Caravan Show
New Date Coming Soon!
Warsaw Home & Contract
27-10-2021 - 30-10-2021
Warsaw Build
27-10-2021 - 30-10-2021
Warsaw Print Tech Expo
27-10-2021 - 28-10-2021
Warsaw Industry Week
03-11-2021 - 05-11-2021
Warsaw Motor Show
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Fleet Expo
Autumn 2021
Fast Textile
17-11-2021 - 19-11-2021
Warsaw Wedding Days
Autumn 2021
World Travel Show
Autumn 2021
Poland Shoes Expo
Autumn 2021
Poland Footwear Industry Show
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Humanitarian Expo
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Roof Tech
Autumn 2021
Warsaw Reha&Care Fair
New Date to be annouced
Warsaw Medical Expo
New date soon

Everything is
possible ?

Ptak Warsaw Expo has 6 modern halls and a huge parking lot. A place created to organize trade fairs, congresses and conferences, promotional and sporting events, concerts and film production.

PresentationOrganize trade fairs

The only ones like that
place in Europe

Located 10 minutes drive from the country’s largest international Chopin Airport and 15 minutes drive from the very center of Warsaw. Thanks to this, Ptak Warsaw Expo creates ideal conditions for business meetings at the highest level.