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Warsaw Expo is the largest International Exhibition and Conference Center in Poland and Central Europe, which is dedicated to the organisation of fairs, congresses, conferences and commercial events.

The centre is located on the outskirts of Warsaw. It has 143,000 sqm meters of exhibition space in six pavilions and 500,000 sqm meters of outside area, which can be used for exhibitions and outdoor events.

Warsaw Expo was created for the most demanding Exhibitors, who value above all the quality and innovation of the facility. This is a place prepared to handle the most technically difficult events. This is possible thanks to the excellent technical solutions and modern technology that was used during the design of the facility.

Rent department

Żaneta Berus
Managing Director
+48 608 669 710

Borys Czajkowski
Rental specialist
+48 690 183 406

Małgorzata Królik
Rental specialist
+48 517 116 813

Karina Mirowska
Rental specialist
+48 518 739 132

Paulina Maciejewska
Rental specialist
+48 501 239 126

We invite you to visit Warsaw Ptak Expo to view the facility and discuss details