15 - 17 november 2024

Poultry Tech - Poultry Farming and Egg Production Industry Trade Fair

At POULTRY Poland Expo, exhibitors will showcase a wide range of everything necessary for poultry farming and breeding from setting up livestock buildings, installing and planning breeding equipment and hall equipment, through breeding management applications, feeds and their dosing systems, to veterinary drugs and preparations and genetics issues.

Our fair is a new event in the poultry breeding and egg production industry, perfectly located, with great potential for development. It is a platform for breeders to exchange experiences and develop their own business. Excellent location in central Poland, with close access to the central intitutions in Warsaw, is another asset that will promote the development of the imreza.

POULTRY Poland Expo is also a program of panel discussions and lectures that will accompany the exhibition of companies.

We invite you to Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw! Use our potential to develop your breeding.

Events that take place on 15 - 17 november 2024


Ptak Warsaw Expo
Al. Katowicka 62
05-830 Nadarzyn,
mazowieckie, Poland

Phone: +48 518 739 124

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