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Animals Days - Zoological Fair

Animals Days – everything for animals and about animals in one place! Come and see the largest international zoological fair in Poland! During the First Edition, we were visited by over 50,000 Visitors with 230 exhibitors on over 50,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space! During the 3rd Edition of Animals Days there will be an International Cat Show as well as an International Dog Show! In addition, Animals Days are waiting for you: International Pedigree Rats Exhibition and Rat Day, Exhibition of Purebred Rabbits (Lublin Association of Breed Rabbits Breeders), Exhibition of the Smallest Ponies of the World Falabella breed by Katarzyna Plewka, Exhibition of Exotic Animals, Exhibition of Purebred Pigeons and Ornamental Poultry. Admire the dog fashion show and sports dog competitions – agility and dog sled race. Take part in interesting educational events on how to best take care of your pet. Get familiar with the wide range of food, supplements and services for pets.


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