The second edition of Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo took visitors to the world of AI and the use of artificial intelligence in the toy and children's industry. On April 16-18, 2024, it also provided answers to the most important issues regarding the sector and allowed for its integration.

Why did Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo guarantee the toy and children's industry a step forward in development?

The second edition of Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo was a balanced combination of business integration with dialogue on the most current changes affecting the sector.

Education at Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo

The challenges related to the dynamic development of the industry were discussed. The most happening is the use of artificial intelligence in the production of children’s toys and accessories.

Experts debated what standards must be met for a new, innovative toy to enter the market, as well as what products influence a child’s mental development. Additionally, safety issues were considered. It was discussed why second-hand toys can be dangerous and how the procedures are shaped that help toys to reach the market.

The Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo experts included Małgorzata Opczowska, journalist of “Pytanie na Śniadanie”, Agnieszka Chomicka-Bosy, educator, digital skills trainer, Anna Gąsiorowska, co-founder and president of the company and the Aribo platform, Bibiana Muszyńska, psychologist, specialist in clinical psychology, Julia Mikołajczyk, president and founder of the Academy of Artistic Development and Power Voice Company, and Paula Bartkiewicz from MajaLand.

Networking at Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo

Bruder, TY, Stawscy, Waldin,, NelaRoom, AKSON, NICE IDEA. Jantar, Predom, BEDEKER, GO LOGISTICS, Majaland, Chicco and D.D. Step – among others, these exhibitors presented themselves during the Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo. In total, there were tchem 89 from 13 European countries.

It was they, producers and distributors of children’s toys and accessories, who during the three days of the event held talks with potential investors (including retail chains and owners of stores dedicated to the youngest), with whom contract agreements were later signed. Participation in the event contributed to increasing the commercial dynamics of the event participants, as well as acquiring valuable leads while reducing marketing and promotional costs.

Therefore, appearing at the Warsaw Toys&Kids Expo was an investment of time that paid off immediately. It is worth booking a place in your calendar now for the next edition of the event. More information soon at