11-03-2025 - 13-03-2025

Wine Warsaw Expo - Wine products trade fair

Wine Warsaw Expo is one of the most exquisite events on the Ptak Warsaw Expo’s agenda. It was created based on market analysis and monitoring, recognizing the need for a platform that invigorates trade exchange, provides space for discussions and networking, and offers industry education. Each of these aspects is incredibly crucial, given the current state of the sector. On one hand, Poles are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about wine, appreciating the subtlety of flavors and aromas. On the other hand, they are not indifferent to the changing market conditions. Engaging in collective consideration of the challenges facing this sector will undoubtedly contribute to maintaining Poland’s position as one of the most promising regions in the world concerning the wine industry.

Events that take place on 11-03-2025


Ptak Warsaw Expo
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mazowieckie, Poland

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