Ptak Warsaw Expo is proud to announce the acquisition of the rights to organize three renowned trade fairs.

Ptak Warsaw Expo is proud to announce the acquisition of the rights to organize three renowned trade fairs.

At Ptak Warsaw Expo we look at the market globally. We have always had clear goals – it is a far-reaching expansion and the creation of an unrivaled exhibition platform. Our infrastructure complex in Nadarzyn is part of the world’s leading trade fair and exhibition centers. World leaders of all branches of the market more and more often decide to cooperate with us, aware of the guaranteed benefits. When survival is a success for others, the strength of our brand means that even in a difficult situation on the market, we can bet on further development. We take advantage of this opportunity by deciding to consolidate and include in our portfolio further well-known trade fairs.

EuroGastro has been the leading trade fair event on the hotel and catering industry in Poland for over 20 years. International character, gathers thousands of visitors, hundreds of exhibitors, industry professionals, culinary personalities, the most eminent chefs, world-famous bartenders and baristas or confectioners.
The event is addressed to restaurateurs, confectioners, bakeries and ice cream parlors, cafes, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and services for gastronomy.
At Ptak Warsaw Expo, we create an unrivaled platform for discussing the industry, expanding knowledge about the market and new products and trends appearing on it. The fair is an ideal opportunity to establish business cooperation, based on mutual benefit in the B2B model.

WorldHotel is a trade fair addressed to representatives of the hotel industry who want to get acquainted with product innovations, the latest trends and revolutionary solutions.
The fair is addressed, among others, to managers and owners of hotel infrastructure, such as hotels, motels and guesthouses, as well as holiday resorts, spas and sanatoriums. It is also a platform for promotion for conference and exhibition centers.
Exhibitors offer products and services necessary for industry infrastructure such as décor, equipment and haberdashery of hotel rooms, reception, bathrooms and conference rooms. It is also equipment and cleaning products, recreational and leisure infrastructure or information technologies.

TT Warsaw is considered to be the most prestigious event of the tourism industry in Poland. This is a unique opportunity to present the offer, now to an even wider audience. To conduct reconnaissance, to learn about the latest trends on the tourist market and to establish business contacts.
Hotels, guesthouses, sanatoriums, agritourism, travel agencies, companies providing transport services, airports, insurers, online portals of the tourist branch and publishing houses will be presented here. Cities, municipalities and districts, countries and regions, embassies or local, regional and national tourism organisations will also be promoted here.
TT Warsaw will also offer internal events such as presentations, conferences, workshops and trainings. This is a must for entrepreneurs from the hotel industry or people who want to promote local tourism.

We decided to take over the rights to the organize these events because we very much appreciate the achievements of these initiatives so far. We want to combine the importance and history of the iconic fair with our strength and unrivalled infrastructure. The mission of Ptak Warsaw Expo is to take these events to the next level. The aim is to increase the group of global and local partners cooperating with us, and thus expand the knowledge and business contacts of our clients both in Poland and internationally. It is also a great opportunity to promote Polish tourism and culture. We are proud that we can create such a dynamic, the only institution and platform on such a scale for the promotion and transfer of information and knowledge.

We are glad that you are with us. With your commitment and trust, only further successes are ahead of us!

The great triumph of the autumn Ptak Warsaw Expo projects.

Finalization of current projects, organization of 6 separate trade fair events under the pressure of a potential lockdown, all of which we can safely call a complete success. There is a clear conclusion – we managed to do a great job.

Until now, autumn has been a test that has passed us, our exhibitors and visitors with a positive five. We managed to organize 6 events, maintaining full professionalism and adhering to all epidemiological safety rules.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us and autumn is not over yet, but many important projects have been finalized and we would like to focus on what we have already achieved.

So let’s summarize what autumn 2021 has brought us so far.

Bioexpo – The second edition of the fair was held on 30/09/2021 – 02/10/2021.
Bioexpo is a business fair created for those for whom ecology and well-being play the first fiddle. For those who want to take care of the health of both their customers and our planet.

Bioexpo Warsaw is the only event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe dedicated only to the ecological industry. It has a strictly business character, it is a perfect opportunity to establish business relations within the domestic market, as well as to develop and increase the export of products.

Bioexpo is a space for presenting innovations and talking about trends in the food and organic products market. The Bioexpo Congress is an integral part of the event. It offers an extensive program of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Among the exhibitors there were representatives of the following sectors: food and beverages, organic farming, cosmetics and cleaning products, production machines, packaging and serving dishes, household appliances, products for pets, as well as startups and supporting institutions.

Construction Machinery Exhibition + Warsaw Tools Show – is a synthesis of two fair events.

During 3 days from 30/09/2021 to 02/10/2021, the exhibition was visited by thousands of business customers and hundreds of exhibitors presented their products and services.

The Tools & Hardware Show is the only one in Poland, the most dynamically developing industry fair for tools and finishing works. They are characterized by a modern, hybrid formula that combines classic trade fairs with demonstrations and demonstrations of construction, finishing, carpentry, assembly and DIY works.

The Construction Machinery Exhibition at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a demonstration fair for civil engineering and recycling.
During the three days of the fair, each visitor could see the impressive shows. The visitors could also take advantage of specially prepared fair offers.
The event was accompanied by dedicated outdoor events from individual branches of work, such as recycling, earth, demolition and scaffolding demonstrations.

The event was an extensive platform for discussion, exchange of market observations and direct business contacts in the construction and tool industry.

The Camper and Caravan Show is the largest caravanning event in Central and Eastern Europe. The fair was held from October 7, 2021 to October 10, 2021.

Camper and Caravan Show is a platform for presenting new products, talking about trends on the motorhome and caravan market, as well as tourist and automotive accessories. The exhibitors included producers and sellers of motorhomes, caravans, mobile homes, special tourist vehicles, coaches, and off-road vehicles. We combined the exhibition with additional attractions, i.e. the largest rally of motorhomes and caravans in Poland – Camper Con and the Food Tracks festival.

The Camper and Caravan Show is a great opportunity for both industry professionals who want to establish business contacts, and private individuals dreaming about their own residential movable property.

Animals & Veterinary Days – The event taking place on October 15, 2021 – October 17, 2021 was the fifth edition of the fair addressed to clients from the zoological and veterinary industry.

This year’s edition provided hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors with a platform for discussion, and expanded the knowledge of the pet and veterinary industry market. She helped establish business cooperation and promote the products and services of our exhibitors.

Visitors could choose from products such as food, toys, care and pharmaceutical products, as well as aquariums, terrariums and cages with equipment.

This year, we had the opportunity to see the tricks of trainers and their pets, as well as exhibitions of beautiful, dignified pets – the Triple Kennel Show and Felimpiade 2021. Over 6,000 dogs, 180 breeds, 450 cats visited the hall. Workshops with Alpacas were organized for children.

Industry customers left the halls with signed contracts and new business partners. Both the youngest and the oldest had a great time in the company of the four-legged friends and more.

Warsaw Home & Contract – the fifth edition of the interior design fair, lasting 4 days, was held between October 27, 2021 and October 30, 2021.

During this year’s edition of the Warsaw Home & Contract fair at PTAK Warsaw Expo, thousands of visitors could choose from the offers of hundreds of exhibitors, whose stands were assigned to as many as four thematic zones. This helped to focus on the category of the interior industry that the visitor was interested in. At the same time, it made it easier for exhibitors to present themselves to those customers who were looking for a product from their sector of the industry.

Light & Textile – Here you could find unique lighting, innovative solutions for smart home, office and even outdoor areas, as well as unique, functional upholstery, decorative fabrics or carpets, rich in beautiful patterns and the highest quality materials.
Build – They were addressed to both manufacturers from the finishing, construction and architectural industries, as well as individual clients looking for new solutions in interior design.
Furniture – has been divided into Selected Furniture and Selected Design. As part of Selected Furniture, international furniture manufacturers for private and office spaces as well as for the HoReCa industry were presented. Selected Design, on the other hand, was a platform for selected, internationally recognized contract brands. Producers of the highest quality furniture and premium accessories for commercial and private spaces.
Kitchen – This is a zone for those looking for ideas for a beautiful and practical kitchen. Here you could find innovative systems, furniture and accessories as well as aesthetic, intelligent household appliances.

The Warsaw Home & Contract fair is an extremely priority event for Ptak Warsaw Expo, the more we are delighted that so many exhibitors have left the halls with signed contracts and the visitors have successfully established new business contacts.

Warsaw Yacht Saloon – a 3-day event for the yachting industry and water sports took place between November 5, 2021 and November 7, 2021.

This year, companies specializing in the sale and production of yachts and boats, both navigable and motor, presented themselves with their offer, companies providing charter or specialized services, agents of insurance and leasing companies. Enthusiasts of underwater exploration found themselves at home in the divers zone. A wide range of marine accessories was also presented, such as specialized electronics for boats, navigation, rescue and safety equipment, sailing clothing, as well as tow trucks and trailers.

The event was rich in lectures by exhibitors and conferences on various issues in the industry. We were also visited by popularizers of the aquatic lifestyle who talked about their passion.

The Warsaw Yacht Saloon is a unique opportunity for an entrepreneur to explore the market and establish mutual benefits cooperation in the B2B model on the largest fair and exhibition platform in Central and Eastern Europe. Individual customers looking for their dream yacht could not find a better place.

This year’s Autumn proves that Ptak Warsaw Expo means the highest quality of service, and our staff is ready for any task, regardless of the circumstances. 6 different trade fairs are behind us and this is not the end. In November alone, we will host 3 more events. We are not slowing down and we invite you to cooperate!

Sail in style with Ptak Warsaw Expo

From 5 to 7 November, Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe, will host exhibitors from the yacht industry as part of the “Warsaw Yacht Salon” fair. It will be a three-day event dedicated to yachts and water sports. An event giving the opportunity to learn about the latest market news and offers from over 205 exhibitors.

During this year’s edition of the fair, for 3 days we will be able to see the wide offer presented by manufacturers and distributors of sailing and motor yachts. But after all, man lives not only by yachts. Our Expo includes many more items that fit into the marine industry. There are also sports boats, kayaks and pedal boats. We will also find boats or pontoons designed especially for true fishing fanatics.

The plan also includes the necessary equipment and accessories necessary for every enthusiast of water sports and travels. We will get acquainted with producers and sellers offering rescue and safety equipment, sailing clothing, tow trucks and boat trailers. We also find brands of electronics and navigation. Companies offering yacht and boat charter will also present themselves. We will find companies that provide specialized services, agents of insurance and leasing companies. Enthusiasts of underwater exploration are invited to the diving zone.

Each day of the fair will also be accompanied by conferences dealing with products, services, pro-ecological solutions in water tourism, or unusual specialties in the water sports industry.

We create the exhibition for true enthusiasts of waters and sports. For those who are passionate about technical innovations in the yachting industry, as well as those who want to develop their business. A storm is brewing! We are waiting for you!

Register now!

We're opening the gates at any moment

Between 8 and 10 of November, we open the gates of Hall B and we are starting the largest trade fair event in the industrial sector at Ptak Warsaw Expo – Warsaw Industry Week.

We have been organizing the Warsaw Industry Week fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo since 2016. This is the most important event in the industrial sector this year, a must for all professionals, business owners and technology enthusiasts.

The number of exhibitors increases with each subsequent edition. More and more customers from the industry decide to present their products with us. Along with their presence, the range of products. Products that maybe you are looking for. During this year’s edition, we will be able to choose from the products of as many as 255 companies.

This year’s edition will be divided into as many as 10 zones. Among others We can find here: Metal Processing, Painting, Welding, as well as Robotics and Automation, Software, or Laser Technologies – „Lasers 4.0”. A full list of exhibitors and zones can be found at:

The conferences accompanying the fair also promise to be very interesting.

We invite you to the 4th edition of the “Industry Instruments” conference. This year’s edition of the conference will be held under the slogan “Closer to industry 4.0”. The speakers, based on their experience, will describe to entrepreneurs the process of introducing new solutions to production plants, which by facilitating the process of “green and digital transformation”, bring closer the implementation of the vision of the industry of the future. Students will learn what problems enterprises face when deciding to digitize and how to meet them.

The next subject is the debate devoted to the education of engineering staff. The vision of educating engineers. Future competencies. The debate will define and describe good practices in the development of engineers’ competences. The debate will be attended by representatives of industry, employees and students, and teaching institutions. The conference is organized with the Jagiellonian University University.

There will also be a seminar: Possibilities of participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the orders of an international organization and the American army stationed in Poland.

We create exhibitions for everyone interested in the latest technological solutions. Both for those who are passionate about technical innovations in the industrial sector and those who simply want to develop their business.

The attention of visitors from fairs to fairs is attracted by more and more innovative technologies. We are getting ready for a real industry branch fest!

We can’t wait! How about you?

Register now at!: registration/

video coverage warsaw home & contract

Video coverage from Warsaw Home & Contract

Grand opening of Warsaw Home & Contract

Check out the video coverage of the first two business days of the Warsaw Home & Contract interior fair. Ptak Warsaw Expo was filled with enthusiasts of interior design!

The fair lasts until Saturday 18:00 - October 30, 2021. Join us!

Interior Design Fair of the Year

The most important event in the Interior Design industry in Poland – the Warsaw Home fair – will take place on October 27-30, 2021 in 5 Ptak Warsaw Expo halls. You will have 4 days of meetings with 550 exhibitors of the best brands, the most beautiful accessories and interior design elements gathered on nearly 120,000 square meters.

WARSAW HOME is an international, business event and the only fair that the entire industry is talking about today: designers, architects, and more and more often developers, hotel owners, restaurateurs and other enterpreneurs and owners of spaces that need to be equipped. It is a meeting place for everyone eager for news from the world of design and architecture. Huge space and a wide spectrum of thematic segments will allow you to learn about new products and solutions from all key sectors in the field of interior design.

What products will be at the fair? Get to know all our zones:

Warsaw Home Furniture is one of the events within the large Warsaw Home concept. This event covers two zones: Selected Furniture and Selected Design. As part of Selected Furniture, Polish and international manufacturers of furniture dedicated to both private spaces and office interiors as well as the HoReCa industry will be presented. Selected Design will present selected international, internationally recognized contract brands producing high-quality furniture and accessories for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, but also for private interiors.

Warsaw Home Kitchen – for those seeking not only a beautiful kitchen, but also practical solutions that make life easier, the Kitchen zone has just been created. It presents fashionable and classic kitchen furniture, innovative systems, practical accessories and eye-catching smart household appliances. Also, enthusiasts of porcelain, glass and metal will find here exceptional tableware – perfect for everyday use. The second zone of the event is Components – essential elements in the furniture industry. This zone will feature leading manufacturers and original solutions tailored to the latest trends.

Warsaw Home Textile – beautiful patterns, high-quality materials and interesting patterns will be presented by producers of both upholstery and decorative fabrics.

Warsaw Home Light – properly selected lighting is of great importance when designing a space. At Warsaw Home Light you will find unique lighting and the latest smart home solutions for offices, hotels, outdoor areas or private investments!

The Warsaw Home fair is, in a word, a real design festival, during which you will be able to find a very wide range of interior design elements: unique furniture, decorations, stone countertops, stairs or green walls covered with moss … All presented objects are inspired by everyday life and nature.

We invite you to Ptak Warsaw Expo on October 27-30, 2021. We encourage you to register for free at

Visit Animals' & Veterinary Days trade show

On October 15 – 17, in Halls C and D of Ptak Warsaw Expo, a unique event for the animal and veterinary industry, Animals & Veterinary Days 2021, will take place. 

Pets, food, hygiene products, veterinary equipment and accessories for them, as well as a series of educational meetings on how to take care of your pet – in short, everything for animals in one place. 

The fair will be accompanied by two more exciting events: Triple Kennel Show organized by the Polish Kennel Club and Felimpiada 2021 – International Cat Show organized, among others, by the Polish Felinology Association.The Triple Kennel Show will be attended by dogs from Poland and abroad, nearly 6,000 quadrupeds from 180 breeds. Felimpiada, on the other hand, is the annual, prestigious Cat Show, which will be held for the first time on October 16 and 17, 2021, as part of Animal’s & Veterinary Days, at Ptak Warsaw Expo. 

The fair will also be accompanied by the 4th edition of the Zoological Industry Conference – the only such event addressed to management in the zoological industry. 

We invite you to buy tickets on the website. We remind you that the previous year’s tickets are valid from October 15-17. 

2 footwear industry fairs in Poland

From 14 to 16 October, Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe, will host Poland Shoes Expo for the first time. A three-day event dedicated to the footwear, leather and leather accessories industries, giving the opportunity to learn about the latest market trends and offers from over 200 exhibitors.

The entire industry in one location and at one time. During the fair, you will be able to see thousands of dazzling products unrivaled in terms of quality and variety, and establish business contacts with suppliers from around the world and discover new trends. Associations, federations and designers from the industry will also participate in the event.
We invite you to Ptak Warsaw Expo and we encourage you to register for free: 

Join the trade show

Campers are ariving! 

On October 7, the biggest event dedicated to motorhome and caravanning enthusiasts starts. And with it a lot of amazing attractions

Ania and Krzysztof bought their first motorhome three years ago. Last year they heard from a friend from an event organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo. “We got so hot on her,” says Ania. Her husband adds: “We’ve been preparing for her for several months now.”

Indeed, Camper & amp; Caravan Show is an extraordinary event offering its participants a variety of possibilities. First of all: those who want to buy a motorhome or caravan can compare the offers of several companies and distributors, gathered at one time and place. And this is a great comfort, because the decision on this type of investment must be preceded by an in-depth market research.

Secondly: everyone who is already happy to own their home on four wheels, but would like to add extra equipment or change it a bit, maybe during Camper & amp; Caravan Show learn about new trends and keep up to date with news. Televisions, cameras, navigations and furniture – these are just some of the equipment available at the fair.

Third, however … “This fair is a great promotion of a lifestyle that is close to us,” notes Ania. And he adds: “Our friends will be there with their motorhomes”. Camper Participant & amp; The Caravan Show, of course, tells about the largest Caravanning Rally in Poland, for which over 600 teams have registered! If we add Camper Con to it, i.e. a festival of reporters and youtubers related to motorhomes, as well as the Food Truck Festival, we get a really unique mix of attractions.

Everyone who wants to visit Ptak Warsaw Expo on October 7-10, for more information, please visit: Caravanning Fair – Camper Caravan Show 2021 Poland. Be with us!


On September 30 – October 2, Ptak Warsaw Expo will host three events devoted to the sectors of ecological products as well as construction and finishing

“Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest trade fair and conference center in this part of Europe, we have great exhibition opportunities,” says Alicja Płatek, the caretaker of BIOEXPO Warsaw. “Organic food fairs are located in one hall, and those dedicated to the construction and finishing industries in two,” adds Renata Nowel, director of Construction Machinery Exhibition and Tools & amp; Hardware Show. In total, it gives 70 thousand square meters of exhibition space and hundreds of exhibitors. Zosia Kencka from the marketing department notes: “We have started the great autumn fair season to stimulate the domestic economy and develop individual industries. Now we are only waiting for our visitors, because we have been working for them for many months ”. And according to the current registrations, we can expect as many as several dozen thousand.

CONSTRUCTION AND FINISHING FAIR | During the International Trade Fair of Tools and Finishing Works, among others, Stalco, Milwaukee, Rawlplug, Toya, EGA, Högert, SOLA, Kreg, ITA Tools, Rubi Polska. VOLVO, Scania, JCB Interhandler, Amago, Kingway, Stehr, Polsad, CAT, New Holland, Krupiński and others. These companies will present both their classic services and the latest, so far not presented products, enriching their fair offers with unique promotions, prepared especially for autumn events. It is also worth paying attention to the accompanying events: Volvo Operators Club Competition and the Stalco Show Zone.

BIOEXPO FAIR | The fair is an opportunity to present the offer by all entrepreneurs who have obtained the BIO quality certificate. This translates into establishing new business relationships, including international ones. The event will host 250 exhibitors from 14 countries around the world, is also supported by IFOAM – the European organization of organic food producers. Moreover, the Hosted Buyers program will involve foreign buyers interested in importing food and organic products to their countries. The prestigious Organic Food Conference and the Bioexpo Congress are planned as accompanying events.

ABOUT BIRD WARSAW EXPO | It is the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe. The center both hosts and organizes extraordinary events, combining classic exhibition events with opinion-forming conferences and developing training and workshops.

More information about BIOEXPO Warsaw: BioExpo Warsaw – International Trade Fair of Organic Food and Products

More information about the Construction Machinery Exhibition: Warsaw Construction Expo – Construction machinery fair

More information about Tools & amp; Hardware Show: Warsaw Tools Show – Tool Fair


On September 25-26, an exceptional fair, combining the world of cosmetics and hairdressing in one place and time

Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe, is proud to host Beauty Forum & amp; Hair. It is a two-day event devoted to the cosmetics and hairdressing industries, giving the opportunity to learn about the latest market trends and the offers of over 200 exhibitors.

Comprehensive fair offers are tailored to the needs of experienced professionals, owners, managers and employees of beauty salons, as well as people planning to start their professional activity in the beauty industry, including students and students of specialized schools. </ span> < / span>

For the comfort of visiting, the exhibition area has been divided into thematic zones: Classic and apparatus cosmetics, Classic and permanent makeup, Podology, Nails and eyelashes, Hairdressing, Barberry, Exclusive.

The event accompanying the fair, i.e. the Congress of Beauty & amp; Hair. During the lectures and training of professionals, we will learn, among others on the diagnosis of overactive and acne skin, white and apparatus cosmetology, discoloration therapies and mesotherapy, as well as the reasons for complaints in manicure salons and marketing communication in building the identity of a beauty salon.

The fair has been organized for 24 years by Health and Beauty Media, which has been a member of the international Cosmoprof group since 2018. Beauty Forum & amp; Hair received the “Bezpieczne TARGI” mark of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

More information about Beauty Forum & amp; Hair: BEAUTY FORUM & amp; HAIR – International fair and congress (

More fairs hosted or organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo: Calendar of fairs and events in Poland – Warsaw – Ptak Warsaw Expo


In a moment, between September 30 and October 2, two unique trade fair events will take place: Construction Machinery Exhibition and < span data-contrast = “auto”> Warsaw Tools & amp; Hardware Show

Construction Machinery Fair is intended for the construction industry, while Tool and Finishing Trade Fair for the finishing industry. The decision of Ptak Warsaw Expo, the organizer of these events, results from the will to consolidate both sectors so that their representatives can establish profitable business relations with each other and exchange experiences.

The thematic scope of the fair includes building materials, power tools, fastening systems, work clothing and footwear, health and safety articles, as well as lifts, cranes, scaffolding and various service and advisory offers. Importantly, the exhibitors will present their assortment in modern and aesthetically arranged stands, conducive to conversation and transactions.

The accompanying events promise to be extremely interesting. As part of the Construction Machinery Exhibition , among others, Operator’s Club Competition , organized by VOLVO. Its aim is to show and make people aware of the above-average skills of construction machinery operators, but shown in a non-standard form. Therefore, its participants will be, inter alia, set up towers made of wooden blocks and pour water into cups.

And during Warsaw Tools & amp; Hardware to take place Show Zone , prepared by Stalco, the main partner of the fair. Participants of this event will get to know the company’s premiere product lines (related to technical and construction chemicals and power tools), will take part in technical demonstrations of demolition hammers, grinders and pressure washers, as well as watch a utility fashion show, combined with acrobatic and breakdance performances. </ span >

Please register at: Warsaw Construction Expo – Construction machinery fair and Warsaw Tools Show – Tool fair .


“We have set ourselves the goal of creating a fair that will consolidate the industry and enable a discussion on how to take advantage of the growing trends in the eco market” – says Alicja Płatek, BIOEXPO Warsaw mentor.

In a moment, between September 30 and October 2, the third edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw. Does it make sense to hold trade fairs in these difficult times that have been marked by the pandemic?

Of course! The more so that, according to experts’ estimates, the upward trend observed on the organic market before the outbreak of the pandemic continued or even increased. We have started to take care not only that the products we consume have a positive effect on health (e.g. immunity), but also that household waste does not destroy the ecosystem, so necessary for us to enjoy a long and healthy life. < / span>

How do you explain the increase in this type of anxiety?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of the economy and the approach to the way of life of many consumers. We realized that we are part of a larger whole and that our individual choices have an impact on others. This began to translate not only into taking care of safety in public places, but also into a responsible way of everyday life. Interestingly, living in eco style is exactly what.

So the eco industry doesn’t need to worry?

She should not be “worried”, which does not change the fact that she should keep her finger on the pulse, constantly developing. It should be remembered that despite satisfactory data on the state of the eco industry in the times of the pandemic, the share of certified products in the context of various sectors of the economy is still very low.

And this is where the fair organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo comes in handy …

Exactly. As the organizers of BIOEXPO Warsaw, the most important fair of this type in Poland, we faced a huge challenge. Well, we have set ourselves the goal of creating an event that, on the one hand, will consolidate the still small industry and enable its representatives to develop, and on the other, will allow for a discussion on how to take advantage of the increase in awareness of being eco, noted among consumers during the pandemic. Therefore, in addition to traditional fairs, we organize important, opinion-forming accompanying events with an educational profile: Organic Food Conference and the BIOEXPO Congress.

This is the third edition of the event. What were its beginnings? Where did the idea of ​​the fair come from?

Ptak Warsaw Expo, the organizer of BIOEXPO Warsaw, is a leader in the trade fair and conference market, so it has always set itself bold challenges. When we organized the first edition of the International Food and Ecological Products Fair, many people wondered if it was profitable and necessary. Meanwhile, it was obvious for us that entrepreneurs in the eco industry have great potential that we should support. The development of this sector in recent years has clearly shown, also to skeptics, that we were right.

What can we expect when visiting Ptak Warsaw Expo at the turn of September and October?

Currently, on the eve of the third edition of BIOEXPO, we feel proud that we invite you to the trade fair in which we had a modest but important participation. This can be confirmed by the data: the number of exhibitors and visitors to the fair is growing year by year, as is the interest of the media, not only specialist media. Our main partner is the LIDL chain of stores, and our strategic partner is the Polish Chamber of Organic Food. We have over 200 exhibitors from 14 countries in Europe and the world, including Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Peru.

So we can say that the trust you placed in the eco industry is coming back to Ptak Warsaw Expo?

I hope so! Indeed, we have been trusted by many people, companies and institutions, and we have done our best not to disappoint this trust. And we will do even more, which can be checked by everyone who visits BIOEXPO Warsaw between September 30 and October 2. On behalf of the entire team, I cordially invite lovers of a healthy lifestyle and friends of the eco industry. And also skeptics – there are plenty of surprises waiting for everyone!

More information about BIOEXPO Warsaw: BioExpo Warsaw – International Trade Fair of Food and Ecological Products


From 15 to 17 September, Ptak Warsaw Expo will host a great celebration of the advertising and printing industry, Warsaw Rema Expo. Check what attractions have been prepared by the organizers

Usually the event takes place in February, but due to the pandemic, the fair in the winter time frame has been canceled this year. During the holiday season, GJC International, the creators of the event, received so many requests and inquiries for a new, substitute date that they decided to organize the fair in September.

And so, in just a few days, each guest of Warsaw Rema Expo will be able to visit 100 exhibitors divided into eleven thematic sectors, enabling them to get acquainted with: promotional gifts, advertising and workwear, exhibition systems, machines, printing and IT offers, light and graphic advertisements , audiovisual and so-called outdoor.

An interesting event accompanying the fair is Rema Congress, during which we will hear lectures on, among others resource management, off-line sales, modern marketing methods, non-standard advertising media, mistakes made in GoogleAds, automation of pre-production processes and reduction of post-production costs.

Warsaw Rema Expo will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe. The idea of ​​this center is both hosting (as in the case of advertising fairs) and organizing its own events that stimulate various sectors of the Polish economy. The venue will be accessible both by car and by free bus service, running from two points in Warsaw: PKP Lotnisko Chopina and DW Centralny 06.

More information about the Warsaw Rema Expo can be found at: RemaExtra – Advertising and Print Fair – September 15-17, 2021, and you can read about the access options to the fair in the tab: Location – RemaExtra – Transport and access to the fair.

The grand opening of the fair season!

Wielkie otwarcie sezonu targowego !

Hundreds of exhibitors, over 16,000 registered visitors, four congresses and the Day of New Technologies – all this (and much more) during the three-day fair in September at Ptak Warsaw Expo.
The core of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show is the fair, which gives the market-leading brands an opportunity to present themselves. Visitors will be able to see and test their products, which will not appear in the official circulation for some time. This creates a remarkable opportunity not only to enrich commercial offers, stay ahead of other companies, but above all to offer competitive products and services to your clients or patients. In addition, participants will receive free training and numerous discounts and promotions, prepared exclusively for the fair.

To overcome the limitations

“The fair allows for what, apart from the exhibition halls, is impossible or very difficult to implement: the presentation of specialized equipment,” says Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. And she adds: “We live in the age of sharing, which is popularized by new media. Often, however, we are left alone with the information obtained on the Internet, not knowing how to implement it. This is where our event comes in, offering individualized consultations. ” As we can see, the Warsaw Dental Medica Show makes it easier for participants to overcome logistic and technical limitations, and also fosters the development of companies’ potential resulting from their self-development.

Strong together

“Autumn is a great time to plan your business future and learn about what will reign in spring and summer,” says Dąbkowska. “When making such plans, it is worth remembering that we are always part of a larger whole. This is what our fairs make us realize: that only together we become strong and achieve successive successes ”. That is why the participants registered for the event are so impressed by the number of companies and associations involved in co-organizing or supporting the event. It is not surprising that the partners of the fair were the Polish Dental Society, ORAL-B and Euromed, while the patrons were Polmed, Galderma, Cerkamed, DentalHolding, BTL, Croma and the Polish Implantology Association. “In September, all the most important representatives of the industry will be at Ptak Warsaw Expo,” says Dąbkowska.

Knowledge, fun, business

The organizers from Ptak Warsaw Expo point out that the events accompanying the Warsaw Dental Medica Show are such an important part of the fair that they are no longer an addition, and have become one of the key points of the event. We are talking mainly about four congresses: Dentistry, Dental Technicians, Aesthetic Medicine (addressed to dentists who want to expand their competences with skills acquired in the field of aesthetology), and EduAsyst (dedicated to hygienists and dental assistants). In addition, the New Technologies Day (during which the use of innovative devices, e.g. scanners and tomographs), workshops and activities at the stands of individual exhibitors were presented.

Follow the mission

The idea of ​​Warsaw Dental Medica Show is part of the mission of Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and conference center in this part of Europe. It facilitates not only the business development of many enterprises, but also entire industries. At the same time, the dental event inaugurates the fall-winter fair season, for which several events have been planned, including Animals’ & Veterinary Days, BIOEXPO, as well as the Warsaw Yacht Salon.

Animals & Veterinary Days - preparations are underway!

 Animals & Veterinary Days - preparations are underway!

On October 15-17, 2021, Ptak Warsaw Expo will once again be the heart of meetings for all animal lovers. The largest trade fair for the zoological and veterinary industry in Central and Eastern Europe – everything for animals and about animals in one place!
Preparations are underway for the largest zoological fair in Central and Eastern Europe. Pets, food, hygiene products and accessories, as well as a series of educational meetings on how to take care of your pet – all this and many other attractions await the participants of Animals & Veterinary Days.
This year’s edition of the International Zoological Fair will be the fourth edition of the event organized by PTAK Warsaw Expo. The fair is a great opportunity to meet and establish numerous relationships that strengthen trade contacts on an international scale. During the fair, the latest products available on the market will be presented, so it will be a great opportunity to learn about the current trends and innovative products for animals.
The event will be accompanied, among others, by the only triple dog show in Poland, which will include: the International Dog Show, the National Dog Show and the Club Dog Show. During the event, visitors will be able to admire nearly 6,000 dogs, from small to the largest. A total of 180 dog breeds will be presented!
An important element of each edition of Animals’ Days is the Zoological Industry Conference dedicated to the management team. The event is a place for meetings and exchange of experiences of industry specialists and is characterized by a wide selection of topics and a modern form of interactive workshops, additionally enriched with valuable training materials. Meetings are held in the form of discussion panels and lectures conducted by invited guests. It is the only such event aimed at management in the zoological industry.
For many years, Animals’ Days have been a strong fair event guaranteeing business success to exhibitors. PTAK Warsaw Expo, acting on the recommendations of exhibitors and partners, will make every effort to conduct the next edition of the fair, taking care of its safe course and creating a platform for establishing new business relations and lasting trade ties. The organizer ensures that the fair is fully prepared. Taking into account the guidelines and recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the PTAK Warsaw Expo fair and congress facility meets the highest safety standards, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by the successful conduct of three large events during the coronavirus pandemic: Warsaw Oldtimer Show, Warsaw Dental Medica Show and BIOEXPO Warsaw.

We invite you to the zoological fair!


Automation and robotics fair coming soon with a new date

The premiere edition of the industrial automation and robotics fair Warsaw Automatica Expo will not take place on the previously planned September date. A new date for the event will be announced soon.

Warsaw Automatica Expo is a platform conducive to the dissemination of the latest solutions for industry in the field of automation and robotics. The main purpose of the event is to exchange knowledge and experiences and to provide a space to explore and discuss the future of automation with industry leaders and experts.

The industrial automation and robotics fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a response to the need to look for new and innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation, resulting from the constantly growing demand for increasing the efficiency of enterprises and sustainable development. Warsaw Automatica Expo is an opportunity to get to know a wide range of products, current trends and the latest technologies and intelligent systems, enabling the improvement of safety, quality, efficiency, and the improvement of processes and the creation of new business opportunities. The exhibition area will include, among others: control and measurement equipment, automation components, analog and digital control systems, robots with software and components, various types of drives and valves as well as auxiliary fittings and electronic components.

Warsaw Automatica Expo will be an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills, as well as get to know solutions that will facilitate the digital transformation of the company, enabling faster and more effective operations and achieving higher financial benefits.

We encourage you to follow the Ptak Warsaw Expo FAIR CALENDAR. New event date soon!

yacht fairs

The new date of the Warsaw Yacht Salon

The next edition of the Warsaw Yacht Salon is ahead of us. The yacht and water sports industry will meet on November 5-7, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The Warsaw Yacht Salon is an international yacht and water sports fair for professionals and enthusiasts. During the three days, participants of the event will have the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive market review, get to know innovative solutions and the latest proposals of manufacturers of watercrafts and accessories. Producers and distributors of sailing and motor yachts, sports boats, kayaks, bicycles and water scooters, fishing boats, house-boats, pontoons, safety and rescue equipment, sub-boat trailers and tow trucks, as well as sailing clothing, electronics and navigation will present their offer.

On November 5-7, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, in addition to the rich product offer presented by hundreds of exhibitors, visitors will have the opportunity to see numerous premieres of units, take part in free workshops and training, interesting meetings with professionals and enthusiasts, and find the best advice on purchases, insurance or leasing.

The Ptak Warsaw Expo fair is distinguished by the availability of the largest exhibition space in Poland, giving exhibitors unlimited opportunities to display their offer. Another important factor is the convenient location of the fair, which allows potential contractors to easily reach the events. During the last edition of the Warsaw Yacht Show, the Trade Fair and Congress Center in Nadarzyn was visited by almost 80,000 guests from Poland and abroad, eager to learn about the latest industry trends.

We encourage all companies that offer products or services related to water sports to participate in the event. The fair will be an ideal opportunity to present the brand to a wide audience.

More information about the event:

PTS patronem merytorycznym WDMS

Polish Dental Association as the substantive patron of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show 2021

On September 9-11, 2021, the 4th edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This year, the event will be supported by the Polish Dental Association, which has become the Substantive Patron and will take care of the Dentistry Congress.

The Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine at Ptak Warsaw Expo from the very beginning has been a valuable source of knowledge and a platform for development for doctors and the entire assistant team. During numerous lectures and discussion panels, the latest techniques, treatments and preparations used in dentistry are discussed, as well as practical advice in the field of business, finance and economics.

The scientific director of this year's Congress will be a recognized orthodontist and member of the Board of the Polish Dental Society, prof. dr hab. Tomasz Gedrange.

Prof. Gedrange is an authority in the field of orthodontics, implantology and tissue regeneration. He graduated from the Department of Dentistry at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany) and from general medicine at the Medical Academy in Wrocław. After graduation, he was an assistant at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Friedrich Schiller in Jena. For many years he was the head and director of the Department of Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Preventive Dentistry and Oral Health Center at the University of Greifswald. In 1996, he defended his doctoral dissertation (topic: "Research on free radicals and lipid peroxidation after hypoxia and re-oxygenation of the brain in newborn piglets with normal birth weight and intrauterine body growth restriction"). He is the author of numerous scientific publications and patents. Involvement on the part of the Polish Dental Association and supervision on the part of prof. Gedrange will surely bring a lot of value to the upcoming event.

The International Trade Fair and Congress of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a meeting place for industry specialists, which is an excellent opportunity for a comprehensive market overview, deepening knowledge and get to know industry trends. During the fair, participants have the opportunity to see the latest products and devices offered by hundreds of exhibitors, as well as get the latest information on the latest technologies and techniques used in dentistry and aesthetic medicine. The format of the event, which is a combination of an exhibition, show and substantive part, has not only gained the recognition of professionals, but over time has become a platform used by lecturers and doctors to debate the most key issues in the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine. Participation in lectures and workshops conducted by Polish and foreign experts is a unique opportunity to gain new skills and obtain practical tips on the procedures performed, as well as in the field of running an office or clinic.

We kindly invite you to the 4th edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. The program of the Dental Congress will be available soon on the website of the event.

Global Exhibition Day 2021

A double celebration for the exhibition industry

Ptak Warsaw Expo is celebrating the Global Exhibition Day today! The information provided by the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, about unfreezing fairs, exhibitions and conferences, is definitely the best gift on this occasion for representatives of the meetings industry in Poland. We are back with the fair from June 6!

For the sixth time, entrepreneurs and organizations associated with the meetings industry are supporting a campaign aimed at building awareness of the broad contribution of fairs and exhibitions to economic development and their value as a powerful marketing channel.

The first Global Exhibitions Day campaign was launched in 2016. It is an initiative of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). This year's edition of the campaign focuses on the important role of fairs and exhibitions in creating platforms for the reconstruction and development of companies, and also builds trust and encourages participation in events that equally focus on the safety and success of their participants.


The event industry has long waited for the possibility of reopening, counting huge losses during this time. In this difficult period, at Ptak Warsaw Expo, preparations for a successful and, above all, safe return to life of the exhibition halls were constantly being carried out.

The International Trade Fair and Congress Center - Ptak Warsaw Expo is one of the few facilities of this type in this part of Europe to report full readiness for the start of the fair season. After many months of remote communication, entrepreneurs will once again have the opportunity to meet face to face to build lasting business relationships. We will make every effort to create the best conditions for the reconstruction and development of Polish companies and the entire economy.

The great value and at the same time the main goal of the fair is the opportunity to present products and services by exhibitors for whom participation in such events is the basic form of marketing and sales. This is a unique opportunity to present an offer to thousands of participants. In turn, for visitors it is an opportunity to get to know the offer of hundreds of companies in one place and time, as well as get to know market trends and the latest industry solutions.

Safety during the fair

Taking into account the guidelines and recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the PTAK Warsaw Expo fair and congress center meets the highest safety standards. We have 143,000 sqm of total area in 6 expo halls, which allows us to safely conduct the fair even with a maximum (15 sqm / person) of free space - in accordance with the current guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

During the events organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo, at each entrance there are disinfecting cabins with the possibility of automatic temperature measurement. Exhibitors and visitors receive certified free medical masks, passageways and the entire infrastructure meet the highest requirements and standards imposed by medical and sanitary institutions in our country, and the entire area in the halls and all rooms are disinfected on an ongoing basis.

We believe that in the near future we will be able to bring the exhibition industry back on track. The next events will take place in September 2021.

We encourage you to follow the Ptak Warsaw Expo trade fair calendar!