Caravanning - freedom to travel

Difficulties in moving by air or rail connections and the limited activity of hotels and other accommodation places have drawn tourists’ attention to caravanning. The Camper & Caravan Show is a great opportunity to get to know the full spectrum of possibilities that this form of recreation offers.

Over the past 12 months, travel enthusiasts have had to give up on their passion or limit it severely. At that time, it was in caravanning that a large part of the society saw a chance to go on a safe journey and spend their holidays on their own terms. The number of registered motorhomes in Poland is constantly growing, as are number of caravanning fans. This trend was particularly noticeable in the last year, when caravanning became the most sought-after form of travel, and during the summer campsites were under a siege.

The growing interest in caravanning is not only an opportunity for the owners of campsites, whose quality in Poland is getting better, and at the same time the number of such locations in the country is growing. The shift towards caravanning is primarily an investment in new vehicles, trailers, accessories, solar panels and converters. The growing interest in caravanning also means a greater demand for motorhome rental services and leasing offers. The new group of enthusiasts of a form of leisure, which is undoubtedly associated with the freedom to travel, will certainly need professional advice on investment in equipment or the possibility of financing it.

Camper Caravan Show

The Camper & Caravan Show, which will be held at PTAK Warsaw Expo on October 7-10, 2021, is a great opportunity to get to know the full range of products that make your rest easier and more pleasant. For several editions, the event has been recognized by enthusiasts of campers and camping. Camper & Caravan Show is the largest exhibition presenting market premieres in the field of caravanning and active recreation. During the fair, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the offer prepared by hundreds of exhibitors, as well as seek advice from specialists when buying a motorhome that will fully meet the needs of its user. The caravanning fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is not only about successful shopping before the planned vacation. The event is visited by a large group of enthusiasts, including influencers known in the industry, who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. A solid dose of inspiration will surely result in new ideas for your next vacation, which will be another unforgettable adventure.

We kindly invite you to the fair!

Camper & Caravan Show, October 7-10, 2021

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