The International Fair of Architecture and Finishing Materials Warsaw Home Build is coming soon

A platform that focuses on networking and building business relationships. A meeting place for the industry and expanding the base of professional contacts. A space for education that raises the competences of participants. An event presenting offers from the largest domestic and foreign distributors. This is the International Fair of Architecture and Finishing Materials Warsaw Home Build, which will be held on March 23-25 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Last year was not the easiest for the construction industry. Negative factors affecting it include Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which affected the prices and availability of raw materials, inflation that reached the highest value in decades, interruption of supply chains related to transport challenges and the further impact of covid-19, and the departure of Ukrainian workers.

Nevertheless, the prospects are getting better. Although some industry analyzes showed that in 2022 the declines could fluctuate up to several dozen percent, the beginning of this year gives reasons for optimism. Demand for architectural and construction services is growing, and this translates into making up for the financial arrears from the previous twelve months.

Innovations, challenges and the future of the industry will be discussed by experts and leaders of the sector during the International Fair of Architecture and Finishing Materials Warsaw Home Build, which will take place on March 23-25 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Building Forum during Warsaw Home Build

Education is one of the elements of Warsaw Home Build. It will be ensured thanks to cooperation with Łukasiewicz – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials. It will be a series of lectures from the most important experts in the industry, which will cover a wide range of topics. Dr. Eng. Karolina Łączka and invited guests from the industry will talk about what National and European Technical Assessments give entrepreneurs. Klaudiusz Borkowicz and PhD Eng. Magda Kosmal will talk about fire safety of construction products and protection against noise.

“The future of the development of building materials in the context of environmental protection and thermal modernization of buildings” will be the topic of the lecture by Dr. Eng. Małgorzata Niziurska and Michał Wieczorek. In addition, the issues of preventing microbiological contamination of construction chemicals, what to do with waste, and the conditions for placing products on the market will be discussed. Thus, it will be a complete compendium of knowledge about the industry, which will not only present important perspectives, but will also increase the competences of the participants.

Warsaw Home Build, a meeting place for the most important in the industry

About two hundred companies presenting innovations for the sector will present themselves during Warsaw Home Build. Among them there will be producers and distributors of floors, doors, roofs, windows, gates, constructions, stairs, joinery, exterior and interior finishes. It is an ideal opportunity for architects and designers to get acquainted with a wide range of industry solutions.

Among the exhibitors will be Lift Polska, Blachy Pruszyński, SpherGlass, Dollker Profilers, Marchewka, Project Floors, Budmat, Epuflooring, Wood for the House, Fakro, Admonter, Biotop, Defro, Grako Home Design, Guardi, Marmor Kos, Mat-Tar, My Spa, Pol-Skone, Zadrożni.

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