Between 8 and 10 of November, we open the gates of Hall B and we are starting the largest trade fair event in the industrial sector at Ptak Warsaw Expo – Warsaw Industry Week.

We have been organizing the Warsaw Industry Week fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo since 2016. This is the most important event in the industrial sector this year, a must for all professionals, business owners and technology enthusiasts.

The number of exhibitors increases with each subsequent edition. More and more customers from the industry decide to present their products with us. Along with their presence, the range of products. Products that maybe you are looking for. During this year’s edition, we will be able to choose from the products of as many as 255 companies.

This year’s edition will be divided into as many as 10 zones. Among others We can find here: Metal Processing, Painting, Welding, as well as Robotics and Automation, Software, or Laser Technologies – „Lasers 4.0”. A full list of exhibitors and zones can be found at:

The conferences accompanying the fair also promise to be very interesting.

We invite you to the 4th edition of the “Industry Instruments” conference. This year’s edition of the conference will be held under the slogan “Closer to industry 4.0”. The speakers, based on their experience, will describe to entrepreneurs the process of introducing new solutions to production plants, which by facilitating the process of “green and digital transformation”, bring closer the implementation of the vision of the industry of the future. Students will learn what problems enterprises face when deciding to digitize and how to meet them.

The next subject is the debate devoted to the education of engineering staff. The vision of educating engineers. Future competencies. The debate will define and describe good practices in the development of engineers’ competences. The debate will be attended by representatives of industry, employees and students, and teaching institutions. The conference is organized with the Jagiellonian University University.

There will also be a seminar: Possibilities of participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the orders of an international organization and the American army stationed in Poland.

We create exhibitions for everyone interested in the latest technological solutions. Both for those who are passionate about technical innovations in the industrial sector and those who simply want to develop their business.

The attention of visitors from fairs to fairs is attracted by more and more innovative technologies. We are getting ready for a real industry branch fest!

We can’t wait! How about you?

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