There has never been an event like this before! Electronics Show responded to the needs of the industry and... electronics fans

The third edition of the Expo Electronics Show held at Ptak Warsaw brought together two worlds – both the business and consumer sides of the consumer electronics industry. During the event, entrepreneurs integrated with B2B entities from around the world, and commercial customers used offers that were not available under any other circumstances. Let those who did not visit Ptak Warsaw Expo on June 21-23, 2024 regret it! DREAME was the strategic partner of the event.

HOBOT, DREAME, EXC Mobile, COBBO, IGS, OEX, USAMS, VALDUS, MAAN, BIGBEN, HURTEL, KINGSTAR, Anda Seat, SKAZA, Realink, Kooduu, TESLA and many, many others – the list of exhibitors present during the third edition of the Electronics Show was exceptionally long and record-breaking in the history of the event. This is all thanks to the reputation of the event built over the years and the trust that Ptak Warsaw Expo has gained as a business development partner.

Factors that guides the organizers of the international consumer electronics fair are the desire to integrate the sector, open visitors to new perspectives on a national and global scale, as well as reach commercial customers with the most advantageous offers. In total, there were 10638 business and retail visitors during the event. They learned about the solutions offered by 180 exhibitors.

A large sale of electronic gadgets for the first time in Poland during the Electronics Show

Laptops, smartphones, household appliances and electronics at exceptionally bargain prices and promotions of up to 90 percent – this was the great sale of electronic gadgets that took place during the three days of the Electronics Show. The event attracted thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors. You could use attractive discounts on over 12,000 products!

At the same time, it was an opportunity to learn about trends in Asian consumer electronics and try the latest solutions. The event was combined with the Food Truck Festival, which, after extensive shopping, offered participants of the Electronics Show a plethora of taste experiences.

New prospects for the industry during the Electronics Show

During the Electronics Show, business visitors could benefit from the knowledge of experts who gave lectures during the “AI in business by QUANTUM NEURON” conference. During it, people talked about AI in everyday life – including, among others, the problems caused by artificial intelligence, electro-recycling and whether users still have problems with what to do with used/damaged electronic equipment, as well as new electronic solutions using AI. and the latest trends in technology development.

Lectures were delivered by Janusz Sielicki, Krzysztof Gawliński, Radosław Mechło, Agnieszka Chomicka-Bosy, Ilona Miziewicz-Groszczyk, Karolina Żelazowska-Byczkowska and Ewelina Czaplińska.

Experts delegated from exhibitors were also available during the event. We encourage you to see the interviews they gave during the Electronics Show:

Electronics Expo connected the industry and allowed for the integration of those who offer modern solutions with those who are looking for them. We are counting down to the next edition of the event!