The second edition of the most modern fair in Poland is behind us. The success of Warsaw Industry Automatica

State-of-the-art solutions in the field of work optimization, machines and robots that allow you to develop in the industry, solutions conquering global markets – Warsaw Industry Automatica is the fair capital of innovation. The second edition of the event took place on May 9-11, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Warsaw Industry Automatica is an event integrating the industrial automation and robotics sectors. During it, innovations in the field of control and measurement equipment, control systems, robotization, drives, valves and regulators, auxiliary fittings and industrial electronics were presented. It was a place where trends were presented by the largest and most important experts in the sector, who shared modern solutions with companies ready to implement them and invest in the name of business development.

The success of the second edition of Warsaw Industry Automatica

Warsaw Industry Automatica was a central point for the development of the industry. This event was visited by … participants who got to know the offers of the leaders of the sector. Among them were companies such as Jazon, Beckhoff, Finder, InduProgress, Mitsubishi Elecric, MultiProjekt, Schmalz, FOLPOL, ST COM, TURCK, ASKOM, ASTAT, Baumer, BRADY, CoRobotics, Eldar, Euchner, EVOLTEC, HELUKABEL, MERAZET, Zeus and POLPACK. In total, the group of exhibitors included … companies.

These numbers indicate one thing – Warsaw Industry Automatica has earned the position of an industry leader and the capital of innovation, visited by entrepreneurs who focus on the development of their businesses.

Automation Industry Conference during Warsaw Industry Automatica

One of the important factors building the position of Warsaw Industry Automatica in the industry was also the substantive aspect of the event. The most important experts shared their knowledge about innovations, changes, possibilities of program support for entrepreneurs or adjusting business models to new regulations.

For this purpose, the Automation Industry Conference entitled “Automation and robotization – the goal or the way” was created. The panel discussions were divided thematically into several sectors. The first one was “Automation and robotization as a key element of efficient production systems”. During this part of the lecture, the issues of slow robotization of Polish factories, LeanRobotics, robotization as an element of Lean Manufacturing, automation and improvement of production processes or General Industry – Case Studies were discussed.

There were also lectures on financing changes. A compendium of knowledge on this topic was the panel “Programs and support measures for entrepreneurs in the implementation and use of automation and robotization”.

During the Warsaw Industry Automatica, the myth that robotization and automation is a threat to employees was also denied. How much support these two aspects can be could be found out during the panel “How automation and robotization help to strengthen and better use the human potential in production processes”. Among the issues raised were the Festo Automation Experience, human support in production processes through robotization of the spot welding line and welding of cabinet elements or a cobot farm.

The topic that could not be missed during Warsaw Industry Automatica was “The role of automation and robotization in the green transformation of industry”. This panel dealt with energy-saving robots, automation of unit energy consumption control or an automated battery production line as one of the examples of the green transformation of the industry.

Warsaw Industry Automatica of the future

The second edition of Warsaw Industry Automatica was therefore an innovative event, opening new perspectives for the future of the industry. During the three days of the event, new business contacts were established, the network of mutual dependencies was expanded and individual elements of the supply chain were strengthened. Participants took part in shows of impressive solutions and machines, which was possible thanks to the best conditions for business development guaranteed by Ptak Warsaw Expo.

It was impossible to pass by Warsaw Industry Automatica indifferently. Great interest in this edition of the event translated into thinking about the future of the event. Information about the next editions of the event will be provided soon!