The first edition of the industry fair for batteries, energy storage and power supply technologies, Battery Forum Poland, will be held on May 22-24, 2024 in Ptak Warsaw Expo. These will be three days filled with networking, international contracting and highly specialized industry education. An additional accompanying event will be the Energy Storage Expo.

Recent years have seen a boom in energy storage in Poland. Although the sector of industrial and large-scale battery storage in our country is just taking its first steps, the segment of commercial home energy storage, which complements photovoltaic installations, is developing very dynamically. Poles are increasingly bold in using solutions that, in the long run, guarantee them savings and greater energy awareness. Therefore, it is worth talking about the possibilities of development of the industry, an even more individualized response to customer demand and markets from which patterns and trends can be drawn. This is why Battery Forum Poland was created, which will take place on May 22-24, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Valued exhibitors will visit Battery Forum Poland

Eden the prospect of the first edition of Battery Forum Poland caused a stir in the industry. The confirmed presence of the most important and valued brands in the sector proves how much this type of event is needed on the market.

The event will feature producers and suppliers of lithium-ion energy storage units, hybrid energy storage units with the UPS function, large-scale energy storage units, energy system integrators, manufacturers and suppliers of infrastructure for e-mobility, materials and components for the production of batteries, power systems, and power converters, inverters, generators, energy management systems, engineering companies specializing in the design and implementation of comprehensive energy solutions and energy service providers in the field of energy efficiency, system diagnostics and energy consumption monitoring.

During Battery Forum Poland you will be able to get acquainted with solutions offered by, among others, EmiterNet, PIME, SOLFINITY, POWE LAB, QSENSE, SolarEdge, MEB, CORAL, ENERP, TESLA, ALMIDES, WAMTECHNIK, MP Solar Group, SOLAX POWER, MPL ENERGY, TF Kable, APATOR, KEHUA TECH, Accutrade and MERSEN. However, the list of exhibitors is much longer and available on the website

Strong emphasis on education during Battery Forum Poland

Battery Forum Poland is focused not only on networking and international contracting, but also on education. This will be carried out during the event in the form of two conferences.

The first one is the PESA Battery Conference. It will take place on May 22, and the thematic scope of the event will include European and Polish regulations on battery technologies, investment opportunities in the battery industry in Poland and the Central and Eastern European region, decarbonization and circular economy in the battery industry, cybersecurity regulations and standards, business models for energy storage, financing of energy storage projects, technological trends in the field of batteries and energy storage and case studies: projects in Poland and Europe. During the conference, there will be a round table discussion on the topic “The future of the battery industry in Poland”. In the event will participate Rafał Gawin – President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Robert Chryc-Gawrychowski – President of Northvolt Poland, Bartek Kras – Vice President of Impact, Anna Chmielewska – associate director, senior banker at EBRD, Piotr Charewicz – senior infrastructure specialist at World Bank.

Visitors can also enjoy two days of PIME BATTERY SUMMIT POLAND (May 23 and 24). The event will be divided into sessions. The first one will be devoted to Poland’s policy on energy storage in the battery industry, the second one will be devoted to storing electricity in the power system, the third one will be devoted to battery production and recycling, as well as financing the battery sector, and the fourth one will be devoted to batteries: acquisition, scaling and production. On the third day of Battery Forum Poland, those present will talk about the use of batteries in practice, battery safety, battery recycling and its “second life”.

In parallel to Battery Forum Poland, the Energy Storage Expo will be held – a trade fair for energy storage technologies. Don’t wait and guarantee your participation in the events today!
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