The New Dimension of Electrical Engineering. Premiere of Warsaw Electro Instal Expo

The New Dimension of Electrical Engineering. Premiere of Warsaw Electro Instal Expo

From November 22nd to 24th, 2023, the Warsaw Electro Instal Expo took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. It was the premiere edition of specialized trade fairs for the electrical engineering industry.

An effective industry event should primarily consist of participants open to networking and contract negotiations. Thus, it is the responsibility of the organizer of such an event to gather a precise, well-selected target group whose primary goal is to expand their business network. During trade fairs, there should be no random attendees; only those who are willing to invest in business, increase their advantage over the competition, and focus on development. Such individuals gathered at the Warsaw Electro Instal Expo – the premiere edition of specialized trade fairs for the electrical engineering industry.

During this event, installers, electricians, designers of electrical and telecommunication systems, construction companies implementing projects in facilities, construction site managers, as well as engineers in office and residential construction, explored the latest solutions offered by exhibitors. Among them were manufacturers and distributors of electrical devices and systems, manufacturers of electrical installation systems in industry and construction, as well as manufacturers and design offices for smart building systems and automation. Specifically, representatives and decision-makers from SEP, Lopi, Lenze, TECHNOKABEL, HARDT, ERKO, STEGO, Niko, Prysmian Group, VOLVETIA, Invertek Drives, Helvar, EUROTRAFO, ELMA, RADPOL, and URIARTE POLSKA were present.

“New Trends in Electrical Installations and Energy-Efficient Electric Drives” at Warsaw Electro Instal Expo

The added value of the Warsaw Electro Instal Expo was the educational component, guaranteed by the most esteemed industry experts in Poland. Among them was Marcin Mulson from ERKO, who, during the Electrical Engineering Industry Congress (topic: “New Trends in Electrical Installations and Energy-Efficient Electric Drives”), delivered a lecture on “Modern Prefabrication of Busbars for Electrical Panels.” Dariusz Ziółkowski from TECHNOKABEL discussed modern cables and wires in fire protection installations and building automation, while Maciej Słowikowski from ELMARK addressed the topic of “Safety and Simplicity of Use as the Primary Objectives in Product Design – Using Protective Conduit as an Example.”
However, there were many more presentations and lectures. Simultaneously, during the Warsaw Electro Instal Expo, celebrations for the Day of the Polish Electricians Association took place, during which everyone could benefit from the advice of SEP specialists and listen to thematic presentations.

Success of the Premiere Edition of Warsaw Electro Instal Expo

Warsaw Electro Instal Expo was a comprehensive business event that integrated the industry. Its success is best evidenced by statistics. During these days, Ptak Warsaw Expo was visited by 3,638 participants who acquainted themselves with the offerings of 84 exhibitors. Another edition of the trade fair is planned. More information coming soon!

Several Thousand Visitors and the Development of the Textile Industry. The 9th Edition of Fast Textile is Behind Us

Several Thousand Visitors and the Development of the Textile Industry. The 9th Edition of Fast Textile is Behind Us

From November 21st to 23rd, 2023, Ptak Warsaw Expo became the international center for the development of the textile industry, all thanks to the 9th edition of Fast Textile, the most dynamically growing trade fair in this part of Europe.

The anticipated reduction in inflation, the gradual return of consumers to active shopping, and the revival of sales provide a positive outlook for the Polish branch of the textile industry in the coming months. The portfolio of domestic and foreign orders in 2023 has increased, contributing to the dynamism of the sector’s development. An event that recently sparked discussions about changes in the industry and its prospects was Fast Textile, whose 9th edition took place from November 21st to 23rd at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Discussions about the future of the textile industry during Fast Textile

The international textile trade fair, Fast Textile, initiated discussions about significant changes affecting the sector. During the Textile Industry Congress, experts discussed, among other things, textile materials in footwear, including specialized footwear (for people with diabetes, sensitive feet). This lecture was delivered by Tetiana Paruzel and Joanna Kwiecień from the Center for Footwear Materials, Dyed and Food Products. Edyta Sulak from the Center for Digitization of Technology and Prototype Solutions spoke about the green and digital transformation of the textile industry, while Piotr Kantor (Department of Certification of Textile and Leather Products Textil-Cert) addressed the issue of the OEKO-TEX certificate. The conference deliberations were concluded by Anna Pinar from the Textile Center with a lecture titled “The sector of professional clothing production – methods of management and product quality in the rental system.”
The current topics, industry experts, and extensive discussions after the lectures – all these factors made Fast Textile educationally world-class.

Negotiations and Networking at Fast Textile

Fast Textile became one of the industry leaders also by focusing on extensive networking. A carefully selected group of event participants, a clientele focused on investments and seeking the most advantageous business solutions, made contract negotiations easier and more effective.

International opportunities opened up for participants. Once again, the event hosted foreign contractors, enabling Polish companies to enter new markets. The event was attended by 11,752 visitors from Poland and 1,451 visitors from abroad.

Among the exhibitors were, for example, KSM, SEMACO, Metaks, Yaman, LINEXIM, Quality Textiles, OROX, ZELAL, OrdaTekstil, KAMILENA, Lama, and Bamboo.

Thus, Fast Textile provided participants with ample opportunities to establish new business relationships, build a network of contacts, and increase competitiveness in the market.

Modern technologies for agriculture. Get to know the Central Agricultural Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Modern technologies for agriculture. Get to know the Central Agricultural Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

The Central Agricultural Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest event dedicated to modern technologies for agriculture in Poland. The event will take place on December 8-10, 2023.

The agricultural industry is facing numerous changes and challenges. There is an increasing emphasis on environmental protection in relation to the European Green Deal and the pursuit of climate neutrality. Sustainable business in this sector while focusing on the development of modern technologies is the key to success. Integration of the industry will increase its security, tighten professional relationships, and open it to new opportunities on foreign markets. The platform for this is the Central Agricultural Fair, which will be held on December 8-10, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Central Agricultural Fair – modern technologies from recognized exhibitors

Who will appear at the Central Agricultural Fair? These will be entrepreneurs looking for agricultural machinery, farmers and ranchers interested in BIO agriculture and cultivation technologies, plant protection product technologists, investors, and farm animal breeders. The exhibitors will include producers of agricultural machinery, plant protection products, feed and zootechnics, as well as crop technologists, agricultural advisors, agricultural machinery engineers and leasing companies.

This group will include McHale, Agro-Serwis, Agro Sharing, LandStal, Everun Polska, Ark, Agrofunka, Wodziński, REMET CNC, EGRITECH, RAKUN, Acs-rolnik, ENEKOR, Czajkowski, Total Farm, FUCHS, RAWICOM,, KT-24, and UNI COMPANI.

Why else is it worth visiting the Central Agricultural Fair?

The Central Agricultural Fair is, above all, an opportunity to create a network of contacts. It is a gathering of potential customers, partners, suppliers and industry experts in one place and time, so it is a chance to establish valuable relationships. It is also an opportunity to generate valuable leads and conduct market research. Additionally, they will serve to build the brand and help position the company as a reputable and innovative player in the industry.

Additionally, CTR will guarantee a dose of education in the form of the Congress of the Modern Technologies for Agriculture Industry. Participating in the sessions will expand your knowledge, allow you to stay up to date with the latest trends and help you obtain insights from experienced specialists. Not only theory will be available, but also practice. The fair will feature demonstrations of the latest technologies, innovative machines and equipment that are conquering global markets.

All these factors will increase competitiveness and open up to new opportunities. We invite you to the Central Agricultural Fair!

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Travelers Festival and International Negotiations in the Tourism Industry. Success of TT Warsaw

Travelers Festival and International Negotiations in the Tourism Industry. Success of TT Warsaw

TT Warsaw is one of the most esteemed tourism fairs in Europe. Confirmation of their reputation is evident in the fact that their 29th edition took place from November 23 to 25, 2023, at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The event included the Travelers Festival.

TT Warsaw is a flagship event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. For many years, it has been integrating the tourism industry, showcasing innovative solutions, and stimulating the dynamic development of the sector in this part of Europe. The event provides an opportunity to explore the offerings of exhibitors, including travel agencies, hotels, tourism agencies, and airlines, as well as destinations. This year, visitors had the chance to learn about Romania, Bulgaria, Peru, Lithuania, and many others. The comprehensiveness of the fair results in an increase in attendance with each edition. This year, it reached 19 013 visitors from Poland and 2 132 from abroad.

Travelers Festival at TT Warsaw

A traditional highlight of TT Warsaw is the Travelers Festival. During the 29th edition, it took place on November 25 and, as every year, attracted enthusiasts of various corners of the world. Among the invited guests were Kamila and Paweł Florczak from, who shared the top 10 places in Poland to spend leisure time with children. Soloists shared their ideas for dream trips in 2024, and “Busem przez świat” shared their travel experiences. Ewa Chojnowska, known as Szpilki w plecaku, presented her own ranking of places worldwide, and Tomasz Habdas (“W Szczytowej Formie”) showcased mysterious and enigmatic places in Polish mountains. Martyna Skura (“Lifie in 20 kg”) took attendees to the Maldives, while Jacek Borowski and Diego led listeners on European trails.
Moreover, attendees had the opportunity to listen to lectures by Marek “Drzemesio” Rajczakowski, The Cinnamon Tours, Paweł Marciocha, Łukasz Kornatka, Gosia Girek, Loco Bags, Obieżyświatów4, 2km Trips, Wyprawomaniak, Ready for Boarding, White Wolfa,, and Krzysztof Weremy.

Tourism Industry Conferences at TT Warsaw

Interested visitors at TT Warsaw also participated in Tourism Industry Conferences. Experts shared their insights simultaneously in three conference rooms at Ptak Warsaw Expo! They discussed topics such as Bulgarian wine routes, creating tourist events in collaboration with ferry connection representatives, sales and payment processing systems for operators, and changes in the tourism events law. The presentations also covered senior tourism in Poland and how smartphone-based outdoor games are transforming tourism in the country and worldwide.

TT Warsaw received honorary patronage from the Polish Tourist Organization, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, PIT, and Mazovia. The official partners of the fair were LOT Polish Airlines and the Polish Hotel Holding Group.

You will reach higher with us. Visit Roof Expo, the international roofing trade show

Roof Expo is a modern international roof fair that will take place on December 7-9, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The premiere edition of the event is an ideal opportunity to meet suppliers, discover new products, establish contacts with the global industry and learn how to do business better.

Who will you meet at Roof Expo?

Roof Expo is addressed to designers, architects and roofers, so all those whose work is based on the use of innovations in the roof industry. Representatives of roofing contractors will also be present during the event. There will also be investors and individual developers. Managers and decision-makers in warehouses and construction depots will also get acquainted with the wide offer of exhibitors.

As for the exhibitors’ offers, there will be those prepared by companies dealing with ceramic and tin roofing, as well as those from manufacturers of roof windows. There will be plenty of suppliers and distributors of thermal insulation, roof insulation, producers of gutters, downpipes, fittings and roof sewage systems. Visitors will also be able to check the latest solutions prepared by entrepreneurs related to the production of roof truss, chemicals and paints for roofs, tools and equipment for roofers or those who operate in the OHS sector and the production of protective clothing.

Roof Expo – one fair, many events

Roof Expo is primarily a networking platform used to integrate business and increase the zone of mutual dependence. However, it is also profiled to the needs of the participant looking for innovative education, guaranteed by leaders and experts with the most experience on the market.

During the Modern Roofing Forum, a professional meeting with the leading figures of the industry, the topics of an innovative approach to business, trends on international markets and challenges that await the Polish branch of this sector will be discussed. This knowledge will be supplemented with shows and workshops that will deepen the information aspect of the event and show how automation and robotization can affect the development of individual enterprises. There will also be exciting competition. The Polish Young Roofers Championship will select the best craftsmen who will prove that their competence can be envied.

It remains for us to cordially invite you to the Roof Expo.

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The partner of Roof Expo is the Polish Roofers Association.

Challenges and solutions in the fruit industry. We invite you to Fruit Poland Expo

The international fruit-growing fair Fruit Poland Expo will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on December 7-9, 2023. It is an opportunity for networking, obtaining valuable leads and finding answers to the challenges facing the industry.

The increase in production costs, the closure of some existing sales markets, or problems with finding employees – these are only some of the challenges that the fruit-growing industry in Poland is currently facing. If we add problems with imports and exports to this, we get a picture of a sector that needs integration and a real response to disturbing phenomena. The platform for this will be the Fruit Poland Expo, i.e. the international fruit growing fair, which will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on December 7-9, 2023.

Challenges and solutions in the fruit industry at Fruit Poland Expo

During the Fruit Poland Expo, a two-day conference will be held, which will answer the most important issues affecting the sector. The substantive partner of the “International Fruit and Vegetable Forum” will be the Polish Fruit Growers Association, which will guarantee access to the most up-to-date knowledge base, opinions of valued experts and practitioners who will present the next steps in business development.

The first day of the event will be devoted to the current situation of the fruit industry in Poland. Speakers will talk about trends in production, distribution and marketing. They will share their knowledge about pest control, fruit processing techniques, as well as aspects of sustainable development of production.

The next day, the discussion will revolve around the subject of the future of the fruit industry and the impact of ecology on technological changes. Participants will pay special attention to the challenges and expectations of the European Union in the field of ecology, the issue of fruit production with reduced use of chemicals and energy, and will focus on the applicable export regulations. Such a wide thematic spectrum of the conference will allow you to improve your own competences and obtain the most up-to-date information on the condition of the fruit-growing industry.

The most important exhibitors in the fruit industry at Fruit Poland Expo

Fruit Poland Expo is an event during which you will be able to meet both sector leaders and brands that are at the stage of development. Thanks to this, you will be able to explore the full range of industry opportunities and find partners suitable for the requirements of a specific business. Participation in the event is also associated with opening up to new markets. It is estimated that over ten percent of the event’s participants will come from outside Poland. This means new international opportunities for many companies.

Wodziński, STIHL, AGRO DUDEK, Weremczuk Agromachines, APV, ARKOP, CalPol, OBROL, BARTNIK, GumiSil, EuroPanels, LIEDMANN, INWEX and Sinclair will take part in Fruit Poland Expo as exhibitors.

Exhibitors will be able to present their offers to, among others, fruit growers, fruit producers, tree and shrub breeders, farmers, planters, retailers, restaurateurs and agroengineers. Visitors will be able to learn about the possibilities and innovations from producers of seedlings, machines, tools, accessories for horticulture, plant protection products, fertilizers, modern cultivation technologies or fruit processing companies.

Anyone who wants to take the next step in the fruit industry should visit Fruit Poland Expo.

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Place where medicine develops. We invite you to the international medical fair Warsaw Medical Expo

Artificial intelligence, modern technologies, cybersecurity, robotic surgery and innovations – these topics will be discussed during the premiere edition of Warsaw Medical Expo. The event will take place on December 6-8, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

20,000 m2 of exhibition space, 130 exhibitors from Poland and Europe, international contracting, networking and industry education from leading medical experts – this is what you can expect from the Warsaw Medical Expo, which will take place on December 6-8, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This innovation event is intended to integrate the sector, verify solutions and promote development based on cooperation.

Leaders of the medical industry at Warsaw Medical Expo

Warsaw Medical Expo is a business meeting allowing you to learn about comprehensive offers of leading brands operating in the medical industry both in Poland and abroad. The exhibitors include, among others, VIKI-MED, ORIMED, MediStom, Yoshi Innovation, MEDNOVA, Znany Doktor, PRAGMA, INTRA-MED, Łukasiewicz PORT, Galeria Konopi, Zepter, LAB-EL, OEX, EiE, ODRA DENT, EchoSon and Ille.

There will be no shortage of producers and distributors of equipment for medical facilities, devices and equipment for doctor’s offices, software and systems for office and clinic management, radiological and ultrasound devices and equipment, devices and materials for laboratory diagnostics, as well as medical lasers, personal protection products, medicines and supplements. .

Warsaw Medical Expo and artificial intelligence, modern technologies, cybersecurity and robotic surgery

During Warsaw Medical Expo, the entire medical industry will meet in one place and time, focusing on development and increasing competitiveness on the market. The educational aspect of the event in the form of the conference “Private medicine now and in the future” will also contribute to this.

It will be led by Andrzej Sokołowski and Andrzej Mądrala, and the invited experts will talk about the current state of the private medicine sector, the possibilities and threats of artificial intelligence, modern technologies supporting the medical care process, cybersecurity, robotic surgery and organizational challenges for the Health Committee of the Sejm and Senate.

The speakers will include Katarzyna Kamińska, prof.dr hab. Joanna Jaworek Korjakowska, Dr. Eng. Jakub Syta, prof. Ph.D. A.Matyja or prof. Ph.D. Jarosław Pinkas.

The substantive patronage of the Warsaw Medical Expo was provided by the Medycyna Polska Chamber of Commerce and the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnostics. We cordially invite you to visit Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Proven ways to develop in the painting industry. Meet Poland Coatings Expo

An international group of exhibitors and visitors, respected brands in the paint industry and education based on the most important trends in the sector (sustainable development, elimination of carbon footprint and intelligent management). Get to know the Poland Coatings Expo, which will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on December 5-7, 2023.

Ptak Warsaw Expo is a leading organizer of business events in Poland. It is also the European capital of the exhibition industry and a proven partner in integrating sectors. It has been organizing about seventy events a year for almost a decade, with a complex of six modern halls and 500,000 m2 of outdoor space. This, combined with an experienced team and innovative organizational facilities, translates into the success of exhibitors and visitors to events organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The painting industry faces many challenges

A proven partner is the key to business development, especially if there are many challenges in the industry. The paint sector is facing their growing number. These include, among others, increases in energy prices and inflation, which continue to affect entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, there is a noticeable trend of increasing interest in optimizing painting processes and workshop operating costs.

That is why Poland Coatings Expo at Ptak Warsaw Expo will be used to discuss the best solutions for the sector. Business experts will meet with entrepreneurs to find individually tailored ways to increase their competitiveness on the market. The Painting Industry Congress, in turn, will help improve competences and present current issues (sustainable development, eliminating the carbon footprint and intelligent management).

Who will you meet at Poland Coatings Expo?

Poland Coatings Expo at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a meeting place for representatives of companies from the machinery, automotive, construction and chemical industries, creators of plastic products, painters, constructors, architects and construction engineers. They will be able to get acquainted with producers and distributors of, among others, paints, varnishes, painting and enamelling equipment, devices for applying protective coatings, companies providing galvanizing services and enterprises recycling paints, varnishes and protective coatings.

These will include EKO-BHL Tuszko, PCS, ICH Poland, Baril, OEX, ABL TECHNIC, ICRO, Kluthe, ALUCROM, Lak-Serwis, TORIMEX, ADW, Alkor, FINMAT, STELWELD, PROFIX, KULIŃSCY and Micdo.

The partner of Poland Coatings Expo is the Industrial Painting Association.

A new chapter for the facade and thermal modernization industry

Facade Expo is an international fair for facades and thermal modernization, which will be held on November 28-30, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. During it, the situation of the industry will be analyzed, trends will be identified and innovations that are conquering foreign markets will be shown.

This is a good time for the facade and thermal modernization industry. The change in the preferred heating paradigm for public buildings and private homes resulted in the opening of many investments financing the focus on ecological solutions. This encourages entrepreneurs and individuals to ust reliefs and subsidies for indicated purposes. Interest in the topic of façade and thermal modernization is growing. Therefore, it is worth talking about the development of this sector and the innovations that are changing it. This will be possible during Facade Expo, a new industry fair that will take place on November 28-30, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Facade Expo. A new chapter for the facade and thermal modernization industry

Facade Expo is dedicated to architects, developers, designers, contractors and wholesale representatives. During the event, they will be able to learn about the offers of leading producers and distributors of, among others, insulating materials, insulation, facade systems made of glass, wood or sandwich panels, as well as plasters, ceramic boards and construction chemicals. The fair will guarantee the possibility of individually selecting solutions depending on the customer’s needs and using only high-quality products.

The basis for this will be the presence of such brands as Fischer, Wkręt-met KLIMAS, IzoFlex, Elastolith, GLOBPLAST, JJT Elementum, Coat, WODAN, Inwestycje Plus, Vent FS, ARSANIT, Olfor, Dryvit, STRAMA PANELS and MDMNT.

Facade Expo is also an opportunity for education. During the event, there will be a conference titled “Durability of facades and design on facades”. During it, experts will discuss the importance and role of thermal modernization of buildings now and in the long term, indicate the principles of designing facades while maintaining safety and their operational durability, and highlight solutions to design and implementation details that, from today’s perspective, cause the most problems.

Therefore, Facade Expo is a comprehensive event. To take the next step towards business development, it is worth visiting them!

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New opportunities for the food technology industry. Meet the Food Tech Expo

Food Tech Expo is an event that has been integrating the food technology industry for five editions. During it, entrepreneurs present innovative solutions that increase market competitiveness and guarantee greater stability for the sector. We invite you to participate in the fair, which will take place on 28-30 November 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The food technology industry is looking for new opportunities in terms of products, supply and process optimization. At the same time, enterprises must deal with supply chain instability, geopolitical changes and the automation leap, which affects the increase in the competitiveness of sector leaders. However, the development prospects for the industry are significant. According to reports, the food market is expected to record an almost ten percent increase year-on-year, and in 2025 it will reach PLN 483 billion. It is an impulse to invest, expand and take advantage of new opportunities. All this will be guaranteed by the 5th edition of Food Tech Expo, the international trade fair for food technologies. The event will take place on 28-30 November 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

“Optimization of processes in the production plant as a response to the growing costs of running a business”

An important element of the Food Tech Expo will be the Food Processing Technology Congress. This year, the panels will be held under the title “Optimization of processes in a production plant as a response to the rising costs of doing business.” The gathered sector leaders and experts will discuss, among others, areas in which textile vents help ensure the quality of meat, energy efficiency, heat recovery, improving the efficiency of production processes and optimization through the use of robots. Among others, Frizo, Air Products, Brokelman, Clevro, Vemag and Creative Packaging Group will present their solutions.

Food Tech Expo integrates business

The previous, fourth edition of Food Tech Expo gathered exhibitors and visitors from eleven European countries. The upcoming November edition will be even more open to international networking. The event will be attended by companies such as FoodMate, VEMAG, HERT, AWE, N&N Nadratowski, FILMAT, NOWICKI, WALOWSKY Kraków, Brokelmann, METROOPACK, NIRO-TECH, Enigma, HASBORG, Dadaux, MYSAK, URSCHEL, EKOMEX, Premac, FC and Alimp.

The latest solutions for the dairy, meat, fish processing, egg and poultry, fruit and vegetable, bakery, confectionery, pasta, milling, oil, alcohol and beverage industries will be presented. In addition, there will be producers of machines and equipment for small catering. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with offers of financing, vehicles for specialized food transport, as well as training and consulting.

We cordially invite you to take part in the Food Tech Expo.
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We are pleased to announce that PLL LOT is an official partner of this year’s TT Warsaw Travel Show. We invite you to meet with our experts, who will be happy to exchange experiences and present an offer to help you realize your next travel dreams.

LOT Polish Airlines is a brand that for years has boasted the unwavering trust of passengers. Every day our planes take to the skies, taking an active part in the development of the tourism market and the promotion of Poland on the international stage.

Our regular network includes more than 100 scheduled routes from the Old Continent to the Middle East, Asia and North America. In addition, thanks to code-share cooperation with other airlines, tourists can travel on a single ticket to more unique destinations from the network of partner airlines.

You are cordially invited to our stand C2.24!

Karim Rashid, networking, education for architects and designers. The 7th edition of Warsaw Home&Contract is behind us

On November 7-10, 2023, Ptak Warsaw Expo turned into the European capital of the interior design industry. Warsaw Home&Contract opened up new networking opportunities for visitors, provided inspiration from, among others, Karim Rashid and provided architects and designers with tools for development.

Ptak Warsaw Expo is a European center of business innovation. This is a place that has been integrating sectors for years, creating optimal conditions for the development of individual industries. This is guaranteed by both an experienced team and the location of the facilities, as well as an innovative exhibition system that allows you to develop business opportunities.

The international interior design fair, Warsaw Home&Contract, has for years been a contracting platform for interior designers, architects, developers and premises owners looking for innovative systems for their enterprises. This is a place where the need meets with an individualized response tailored to the recipient’s requirements. This is possible thanks to the gathering in one place and time of producers and distributors of furniture, ceramics, fittings, ventilation solutions, windows, doors, floors, lighting and textiles.

Warsaw Home&Contract – one event, many possibilities

Warsaw Home&Contract is actually six events in one. The “Furniture” part was devoted to the furniture industry, “Textile” to the textile industry, “Light” to the lighting industry, “Kitchen” to the kitchen industry, “Bathroom” to the bathroom industry and “Build” to the broadly understood construction industry. Thanks to the introduced variants and focus on individual industry segments, visitors were introduced to with a wide range of offers, found solutions that met their needs and could learn about trends in each industry sector.

The exhibitors included both sector leaders and niche brands with a highly defined target group. What they had in common was the high quality of the products offered and the trust of customers, which they had gained over the years. This group included, among others, WESAL, Dion, REJS, Flora Point x Dormax Design, Świat Kominków, Blum, Zieta, Fabryka Pialni, Eurofirany, Nowodvorski, DRE, Forner, ERKAD, Mo.Blo, Befame, Hastens, Pracownia AGD, Richmond , PUSZMAN, Estetica or Olta.

Karim Rashid, networking, education for architects and designers. All this took place during the 7th edition of Warsaw Home&Contract

Warsaw Home&Contract is an event tailored to a wide, yet specific group of recipients. Therefore, various accompanying events have been prepared.

Visitors could meet and ask questions to one of the most important contemporary designers in the world, Karim Rashid. Moreover, Lubosz Karwat, whose works can be admired, among others, in the Turkish ZEUGMA, conducted artistic mosaic workshops.

Traditionally, the fair also included archiDAY – software workshops for architects and designers. The issues discussed included AI, ENSCAPE, SketchUp, CAD Decor Pro and Gardenphilia Designer. Demonstrations are planned in the Fire Zone, as well as substantive knowledge on, among others, current and future legal issues related to biomass heating. Lectures on intellectual property protection in design and home staging were held on the Warsaw Home&Contract Main Stage.

The success of the 7th edition of Warsaw Home&Contract

The success of the 7th edition of Warsaw Home&Contract is based on the satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors. Each edition attracts tens of thousands of them. So it was this time. The fair was visited by 53 523 participants from 46 European countries and 8 beyond the Old Continent. These numbers show how respected and associated with quality the Warsaw Home&Contract brand is.

Everything about tourism. Visit TT Warsaw and the Travelers Festival!

One of the largest and most interesting events regarding the tourism and traveling industry is approaching. TT Warsaw, as we are talking about it, is not only a business fair, but also the Travelers’ Festival, which has been integrating lovers of escapades for many years. Get to know the offers of the best travel agencies, tourist agencies and airlines and find inspiration for your next trips. We invite you to Ptak Warsaw Expo on November 23-25!

What is TT Warsaw?

TT Warsaw is a renowned event regarding the tourism industry in Poland and Europe. The 29th edition will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on November 23-25. This is the best proof of the high quality and prestige this event has enjoyed for years and how well it responds to the constantly developing needs of the industry.

The location of TT Warsaw in the Ptak Warsaw Expo facilitates gives access to meetings with the most important representatives of the sector not only from the country, but also from around the world. This is an international event, the previous edition of which attracted over 22,000 visitors. Nearly ten percent of them were foreign guests from 56 countries around the world. This shows how wide the range of the fair is and how significant business prospects open up to each TT Warsaw participant.

Who will visit TT Warsaw?

TT Warsaw attracts thousands of business visitors and many exhibitors. During the event, you will be able to see the offers of travel agencies, hotels, resorts and airlines. There will be representatives of travel agencies, tour operators and transport operators who, thanks to their many years of experience, will help you plan the unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. During the event, you will also be able to get to know the most interesting and least discovered tourist destinations, which will be an inspiration for every individual traveler.

TT Warsaw is an industry event, there are no random people there. Its participants will be travel agents, representatives of hotels, resorts, airlines, tourism students and specialists operating in the tourism industry. This marriage between visitors and exhibitors will allow each event participant to meet potential business partners, enrich their offer and increase competitiveness.

Travelers Festival at TT Warsaw

An indispensable element of each edition of TT Warsaw is the Travelers’ Festival, integrating lovers of escapades and exploring even the most remote corners of the world. This is a unique opportunity to meet passionate people who will be happy to share their knowledge about organizing travel, point out the most interesting directions and show that you can live in a less standard way.

This year, Tomasz Habdas, among others, will take part in the Travelers’ Festival. He will tell you about mysterious and enigmatic places in the Polish mountains, as well as share his knowledge about the best trekking options for the first time in the Himalayas. Marek “Drzemiesio” Raczajkowski will give two lectures – “Turkish Hospitality” and “Winter Finland”, and Lilia Mordak and Buddhika Chaturanga will present the diversity of Sri Lanka to the audience.

During the Travelers’ Festival, you will also be able to meet Paweł “GdzieśTyJest” Marciocha, who visited, among others, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Senegal, as well as Łukasz Kornatka, who was fascinated by the Balkans. The author’s ranking of places in the world will be prepared by Ewa Chojnowska, and Martyna Skura will talk about life in the Maldives.

In addition, TukTukTours, an international Polish-Pakistani team that understands the culture and customs of Pakistan like no other, will talk about their activities, and LocoBags will focus on West Africa. Guests will be albo able to participate in the great British adventure with Obieżyświaty4.

The guest list of the Travelers’ Festival is constantly growing. This will be a place that will once again inspire participants to discover unknown lands.

We cordially invite you to participate in TT Warsaw!

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The entire electrotechnical industry in one place. Visit Electro Install Expo

This is where professionals meet. We cordially invite you to Electro Instal Expo, a specialist fair for the electrical engineering industry, which will be held on November 22-24, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Electro Instal Expo is a unique event on the industry map of Poland. It brings together specialists of the highest quality and companies showing the way to innovation. All this in order to dynamise contract trade, expand the spheres of mutual influence and contribute to even greater development of the key industry for the Polish economy.

International site of Electro Instal Expo

Electro Instal Expo is an event that brings together the entire sector with a particular emphasis on building international business relationships. The event will be attended by specialists: installers, electricians, designers of electrical and teletechnical systems, contractors implementing investments in facilities, site managers, technicians and electricians, representatives of maintenance departments, industrial plants, real estate and public facility managers, office and residential construction engineers, engineers and designers of intelligent building and automation systems, as well as entities exercising supervision and executive control of facilities.

They will be presented with a full range of innovations and novelties from manufacturers and distributors of electrotechnical devices and systems, electrical installations in industry and construction, design offices for intelligent building and automation systems, entrepreneurs dealing with ICT systems and building security, as well as industrial electronics and lighting systems for facilities .

And who exactly will you meet? Among others, HARDT lightning protection systems, LOPI, MINYX Servis, LEDin, GiPlast, MARKEL, DEHN, BOSMAL, HEILIND, VESAD,, METPOL, SELVISTA, LVT, GT GROMTOR, MILTECH LED Lighting, CABINEX, TWERD, CONTRANS Ti , Van Stein.

Substantive knowledge during the Electro Instal Expo

Electro Instal Expo is not only networking and building relationships, but also the opportunity to increase individual competences and competitiveness thanks to substantive knowledge. With this in mind, we have prepared a two-day Electrotechnical Industry Congress, which will be a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion and building a stable future for the sector.

Speakers will talk, among others, about innovative technical solutions that are conquering foreign markets. Lectures will also be devoted to security issues and changes in legal regulations. This event will provide an opportunity to establish relationships with speakers and look for individual solutions dedicated to business challenges.

The topic of the first day of the Electrotechnical Industry Congress will be “The latest trends and innovations in electrical installations”. The discussion panel will be devoted to the safety of electrical installations, energy efficiency, solar energy and building automation. On the second day, discussions will be held on electrical safety standards, new solutions in the field of cabling techniques, a case study of successful projects of electrical installation systems 2023 and the future of electrical installations and the role of emerging technologies.

Once again Ptak Warsaw Expo will become the focal point of business development in Poland. We invite you to participate in the Electro Instal Expo!

Let yourself be surprised by Romania!

We are pleased to announce that Romania has officially become a partner country at the Tourism Fair held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This important event opens new prospects for cooperation and promotion of Romanian tourist attractions on the Polish market.

Romania, rich in beautiful landscapes, cultural monuments and fascinating history, thus gains a unique opportunity to present its tourist potential before a wide audience of visitors to the fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the diversity of Romania’s tourist offer.
The Tourism Fair is an excellent place to promote Romania as an attractive travel destination, and this cooperation will benefit both Romania and Poland. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen ties between our countries and enable both sides to grow in the field of tourism.

We look forward to welcoming you on
NOVEMBER 23-25, 2023 for the 29th edition of the fair!

Summary of Warsaw Industry Week 2023

Modern robots and the most interesting technological solutions. Warsaw Industry Week behind us

Warsaw Industry Week is the flagship event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo. Its seventh edition attracted thousands of business visitors eager for contracting, networking, education and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. The success of the 2023 iteration has translated into planning for the next one, which will take place on October 22-24, 2024.

Warsaw Industry Week is the place where business needs meet cutting-edge technologies. It is the largest and most comprehensive industrial trade fair in Poland, presenting solutions for specific sectors of the industry. The Metalworking Zone showcased machines, equipment and technologies for mechanical metalworking, the Lasers 4.0 Zone showcased state-of-the-art lasers and software used in engraving, and the Robotics and Automation Zone showcased methods for automating and robotizing industrial processes and SCARA robots. In addition, visitors could learn about innovations in painting, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, 3D printing, tools, woodworking, software and services for industry.

Why is Warsaw Industry Week such an important event for Polish industry?

Warsaw Industry Week is an important venue for Polish industry, as it helps integrate and strengthen the sector. According to analyses by the Central Statistical Office, the country’s industrial production is steadily declining. In July 2023, the research indicated its year-on-year slowdown of nearly three percent. This showed how important it is for the industry to get a boost and stimulate the sector’s prosperity. The event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo was their guarantor.

Warsaw Industry Week opened the Polish sector to international contracting, guaranteeing it the opportunity to establish partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers from abroad. This made entering new markets easier, as well as guaranteeing a more secure business future.

What’s more, Warsaw Industry Week responded to the issues most relevant to Polish industry. This was possible thanks to the industry conferences that took place during the international fair. Instruments of Industry 4.0 dealt with better efficiency, sustainability, innovation in manufacturing operations through Industry 4.0 solutions. The theme of the PIME Conference during Warsaw Industry Week was smart energy – technologies, services, regulations. The Multiproject Technical Conference guaranteed knowledge on linear motors, SCARA robots, modular robots and the potential of Neura Robotics.

Also providing knowledge from specialists to specialists was the “Exhibitor Presentations and Trends” panel, where developers of innovative solutions presented their ideas to potential users. Among other things, they talked about innovation planning and financing, industrial digital transformation, modern scanners in the service of quality control or keys to security automation.

Warsaw Industry Week has been changing the face of Polish industry for years

Warsaw Industry Week has over the years earned its name as a leader in industry and innovation. Demonstrations of robotic solutions held during the event convince of the need to invest in cutting-edge technologies, and the presence of experts and sector leaders positively influences the growth of international competitiveness through cooperation.

Bio Expo 2023 summary

Bio Expo Warsaw. An event that integrated the food and organic products industry

Networking, contracting, building international business relationships, innovation demonstrations and education - these were the characteristics of the fifth edition of Bio Expo Warsaw, a trade fair dedicated to organic food and products.These took place from 5-7 October 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Bio Expo Warsaw was organised in close cooperation between Ptak Warsaw Expo, the Polish Organic Food Chamber and the Lidl brand.This cooperation resulted in a product event focused on the needs and opportunities of the market, as well as focusing on innovation and industry education to raise in-house competencies.

Bio Expo Warsaw was a well-used opportunity to discuss a market where sales are expected to triple over the next decade. In addition, it provided a platform to integrate the sector while opening it up to investment from domestic and foreign players. At the heart of the fair was the development and activities aimed at transforming the food system.

Bio Expo Warsaw - a practical response to market demands

Over three days, Bio Expo Warsaw integrated 9724 owners of BIO products and food shops, representatives of retail chains, food wholesalers, catering companies, hotels, restaurateurs and distributors. They became acquainted with the market innovations proposed by 206 domestic and foreign producers of organic and BIO food, semi-finished products and food ingredients, or cosmetics based on natural ingredients and natural medicines.

Development is achieved through cooperation, contracting and discussion. However, education must not be forgotten, which was one of the most important coordinates in the event plan. It was realised through the Organic Products Industry Congress. It consisted of three events: The PIŻE Forum, the PPWR Conference and the PIO and Łukasiewicz Conference. The topics discussed included eco trends, the qualities of organic food, sustainability, the assumptions of a closed loop economy or eco solutions for eco products.

Thanks to the knowledge of experts and trusted practitioners with many years of experience, the Organic Products Industry Congress was a substantive panel from which all participants drew. This, together with the emphasis on networking, industry integration and initiating contracting trade exchanges, made this year’s Bio Expo Warsaw a success.

Camper Caravan Show 8 is already behind us!

Camper Caravan Show 8 is already behind us!

t was an extraordinary weekend full of fun and meetings at the 8th edition of the Camper Caravan Show in Poland!

Warsaw Camper Caravan Show attracted crowds of caravanning, camping enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to explore the wide range of exhibitors was spiced up with entertainment, including a concert by Michal Wisniewski.
The three days of this unique event (September 29 – October 1) were filled with great fun! Caravanning fans not only had the opportunity to get acquainted with the best offers tailored to their needs, but also took part in a joint feast that lasted until late at night.

The 8th edition of the Camper Caravan Show was truly unique. Why? Because it established itself as a leader in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The event was divided into two sectors. The first, the business sector, attracted people looking for the best solutions for their travels. Visitors had the opportunity to see the latest and most modern models of campers, camper trailers and the best-fitting equipment (including kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, air conditioners, travel stoves, dishes and sleeping bags). In addition, it was possible to see mobile homes, get acquainted with foreign proposals in the field of tents and learn about camper and trailer rental offers.
The event also featured the owners of Poland’s most attractive camping spots and manufacturers of various equipment to facilitate camping, including navigation systems, satellites, sound systems, bicycles, quads and scooters. There were also service providers and makers of unusual vehicles that amazed attendees.

This is just one part of the Camper Caravan Show. The other was the collective fun at the Homocamperus Rally. Hundreds of camper owners gathered to feast, enjoy delicacies served by food trucks and listen to a concert by Michal Wisniewski. The eighth edition of the Camper Caravan Show was an incredible success, attracting 28 thousands of visitors and 152 exhibitors!

State of the art technologies for security. Warsaw Security Expo debuts

State of the art technologies for security. Warsaw Security Expo debuts

The issue of security touches everyone in business. Warsaw Security Expo was an event for those looking for the latest technologies and the most reliable contractors in the security and safety systems industry. The first edition held at Ptak Warsaw Expo was a success.

The broader security sector is one of the fastest growing in the world. This is not surprising. In an era of ever-increasing threats and implementation of illegal methods of operation, everyone wants to secure themselves in the best possible way. Among other reasons, this is why it is so important to talk about innovations in cyber security issues, changes that need to be made or the most important challenges that await entrepreneurs. This is what the Warsaw Security Expo, a trade fair for the security and safety systems industry, was designed to do.

Warsaw Security Expo, or security from the modern side

Warsaw Security Expo was a contracting platform, integrating the sector. During the event, directors, executives, as well as business owners, building managers, architects, designers, representatives of security offices, detectives or uniformed services learned about the latest solutions in the industry. The thematic scope of the event included cyber security, data protection, Data Analytics, risk management, access control, monitoring, industrial security, alarm systems or cutting-edge technologies dedicated to security. Our fair was visited by 3024 business and brand owners.

Among others, Nice, BrandBull, CartPoland, Urmet MIWI, BCS, Elavon, PROMITEL, Herz, OEX, ICS Polska, EET, IVEL Electronics, MicroMade, Armatec or CDVI presented their solutions.

Cybersecurity 2.0 at Warsaw Security Expo

Warsaw Security Expo not only provided a networking and contracting platform, but also guaranteed educational opportunities. Participants were able to take advantage of two speaker panels. The first was the Industry Congress, whose theme was “Cybersecurity 2.0 – how artificial intelligence can affect security, especially in the area of critical infrastructure.” Lectures were given by Prof. Arwid Mednis, Wojciech Weissenberg, Jakub Betka and Mateusz Leszczynski, among others.

In addition, there was a panel called “Exhibitor Presentations and Trends.” During it, their proposed innovations were presented by Mark2 Corporation FM Poland, ANTYHAKER, EET Poland or MicroMade, among others.

The success of the first edition of Warsaw Security Expo resulted in the planning of the next one. The second edition of the event will take place on November 27-29, 2024. You are cordially invited!

New Date of the EuroGastro and World Hotel

New date of the EuroGastro and World Hotel!

We are pleased to announce the new date for the EuroGastro and World Hotel trade fairs in 2024! The fairs will take place from March 12th to March 14th, 2024. This will be an excellent opportunity for all enthusiasts of the gastronomy industry to meet, exchange experiences, and discover the latest trends in the world of gastronomy. The new date aims to align with the industry’s needs and ensure the participation of as many exhibitors and guests as possible in the event.