RENEX Group – a partner of Warsaw Industry Week

RENEX Group is one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies in the electronics industry. The products and technologies developed by the company enjoy wide recognition among specialists in Poland and Europe. For the second year in a row, RENEX has been awarded the Business Gazelle title – a distinction awarded to the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland.

The rich offer of RENEX Group includes, among others, REECO robots awarded with the “Teraz Polska” Emblem. The Robots series includes, among others, twisting, dosing and labeling robots, as well as a soldering robot that allows for the automation of manufacturing processes in plants producing electronics, replacing employees with tedious, repetitive tasks that require precision and experience. RENEX Group products will be presented during the International Fair of Innovative Solutions for Industry.

We kindly invite you to take part in the fair:

The Warsaw Industry Week fair is not only a wide product offer. Visitors also await unique attractions, competitions and accompanying events. During the next edition of the Innovative Industrial Fair, the Polish Renex Soldering Championship, organized by the Renex Group company, will once again take place. For participants, both competitors and spectators – it means even more emotions and attractions in one place.

A one-of-a-kind tournament, combining knowledge and practice, from edition to edition is becoming more and more popular among both professionals and students of schools and academic fields with electronic profiles.

The event received great recognition and interest from the industry, in particular Polish specialists in the production and repair of electronic packages, and has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of electronic industry events. We are all the more pleased that it will be present again at the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland.

As the organizers have announced, the entries will be conducted in two categories:

1) Youth Polish Champion in Soldering – entries aimed at school pupils and students;

2) Polish Champion in Soldering – entries addressed to representatives of the electronics industry.

In addition to cash prizes, the RENEX Group, which is the sponsor and organizer of the Polish representation in Soldering, will also provide preparations for the competition and cover the costs of travel and stay at the European and World Soldering Championships.

More information and registration available at: