targi maszyn budowlanych i targi narzędziowe

Innovations in the renovation and construction industry

On June 17-19, 2021, at Ptak Warsaw Expo, two events will bring together representatives of the finishing industry and the construction sector: Construction Machinery Exhibition and Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show. The fair will be accompanied by numerous conferences and shows.

In addition to specially prepared fair offers, as well as a wide range of tools and machines presented at the same time at Ptak Warsaw Expo, participants will have the opportunity to take part in numerous accompanying events. The source of expert knowledge and inspiration will be conferences prepared by specialists from the renovation and construction industry. One of them will be a conference on work safety in construction - organized by the Agreement for Safety in Construction in cooperation with 3M, during which topics such as: "Innovation and Safety in Construction Technologies" or "Innovation in Materials and Tools - Application in Construction ".

Equally important issues, such as the use of waste in the production of building materials, innovative technologies for the production of materials for construction, lines for the production of building materials or infrastructure vehicles, will be presented by the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining during an industry conference combined with simulations.

During the fair, there will also be demonstrations prepared by, among others, the Association of Finishing Works Specialists (Tubądzin, Festool, Selena, Sigma, Polski Gips), as well as the STALCO company, which will organize a tool show. Demonstrations on scaffolding and formwork will be prepared by: JURGO - Robert Jurkiewicz, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Scaffolding and PERI.

The participants' attention will also be drawn to the presentations and demonstrations of the Polish manufacturer of tower cranes - Krupiński Cranes. The first cranes have been operating since February this year. It will be possible to see the latest model during the fair, not only in a static form, but also in the form of dynamic presentations.

The tool fair, as well as the construction machinery fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo, is distinguished by a modern hybrid formula combining classic fairs with shows and demonstrations of construction, recycling, finishing, carpentry, assembly and DIY works. The very good location, the industry-specific nature of both events and the logistic facilities of the Ptak Warsaw Expo Trade Fair and Congress Center provide unlimited opportunities to present your products and services to exhibitors from the renovation and construction industry. The consistent subject matter of both events and the presence in one place and time of both representatives of companies operating in the field of construction and representatives of the finishing industry will undoubtedly contribute to building lasting business relationships and attracting new contractors.

We kindly invite you to the Construction Machinery Expo and Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show, June 17-19, 2021

Agricultural trade fair Poland

Expert knowledge about agriculture during the CTR

On November 26-28, 2021, the Central Agricultural Fair will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. During the conference accompanying the fair, there will be topics related to the market and the cultivation of maize, which will be presented and discussed by experts from the Polish Association of Cereal Plant Producers.

The Central Agricultural Fair is not only an exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and means for agricultural production. In addition to the arrangement of the exhibition area, the key point of the fair is also to create a platform for the organization of debates, seminars and industry panels raising the most important problems of the agri-food sector, which are identified both by the scientific and academic community, as well as representatives of industry organizations, business and individual farmers. This is a great opportunity to raise the most important issues in the industry, identify opportunities and threats currently facing agriculture, as well as learn about innovative solutions, the use of which will increase productivity or reduce labor costs.

As every year, the next edition of the event will be accompanied by inspiring lectures. During a 90-minute panel devoted to maize, prepared by representatives of the Polish Association of Cereal Plant Producers, three topics will be discussed:

1. Corn seed market in Poland - Dr. Roman Warzecha, Chairman of the Corn Varieties Registration Commission

2. Precise Agriculture - Mr. Kamil Szymańczak

3. New technologies of maize cultivation and its effects – Mr. Tadeusz Szymańczak, PZPRZ Press spokesman

We encourage you to participate in the fair and accompanying events: https://centralnetargirolnicze.pl/en/registration-for-the-fair/

A fair premiere at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Between 25 and 26 September 2021, the premiere Beauty Forum & Hair fair will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo, which is a new formula of two, so far separate events: the autumn edition of Beauty Forum and the On Hair fair.

Beauty Forum & Hair will be a business and educational event. The fair is addressed to all people professionally related to the cosmetics and hairdressing industry. During the premiere event, leading companies on the Polish and international market will present their latest trends, products and treatments. The impressive offer of the fair will be tailored to the needs of experienced professionals as well as to those who are just planning to start their professional activity in the industry.

The largest fair of the cosmetics and hairdressing industry is a new formula created from two events that took place in the fall season - Beauty Forum and the On Hair fair. Beauty Forum has been opening the fall / winter season in the professional cosmetics industry for over 10 years. Each year, premieres of innovative solutions were presented during the event. Talents, passion and creation were supported here. The On Hair Fair (formerly Hair Forum) is a leading fair event in Poland addressed to the hairdressing industry. The event was visited by professionals from the industry, that is: owners and managers of salons, hairdressers, students of hairdressing schools and investors.

The combination of both industry-recognized events will surely make the event unique and provide a lot of experience to the participants of the Beauty Forum & Hair fair.

We kindly invite you to follow the information about the event: https://www.beauty-forum.com.pl/

Gastronomy and hotel trade fair

EuroGastro and WorldHotel with a new date

The 24th EuroGastro International Gastronomy Fair and the 13th WorldHotel International Accommodation Facility Fair will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on September 1-3, 2021.

EuroGastro and WorldHotel fairs are an excellent opportunity to get closely acquainted with the latest trends in gastronomy and hotel industry. In 2019, both events were organized for the first time at Ptak Warsaw Expo, which was extremely positively received by the catering and hotel industry, mainly for practical reasons. Easier access, larger parking and more space in the exhibition hall are the most frequently mentioned benefits of the new location.

The thematic scope of the event includes: equipment for kitchen facilities and hotels, bakery, confectionery and ice-cream making, food and drinks, coffee - production, distribution and brewing accessories, as well as a drink & bar, i.e., among others: alcohol and products necessary to prepare drinks.

The last edition of EuroGastro and WorldHotel was visited by over 22,000 visitors from 40 countries, who had the opportunity to see the offers of nearly 300 exhibitors representing companies from 21 countries. As part of the events, specialized trainings and conferences were organized, where topics important for the industry were discussed. The event was made more attractive by numerous culinary competitions and master shows, which will also be present during the 2021 edition.

The organizers inform that all previously purchased tickets will be automatically valid on the new date.

More about EuroGastro and WorldHotel: https://eurogastro.com.pl/en/

We kindly invite you to the fair trade!

The Beauty Forum fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Health and Beauty Media, a member of one of the largest trade fair organization in the world - COSMOPROF (the organizer of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna cosmetics fair) decided to change the location of its flagship event - Beauty Forum. This unique trade fair event has been organized for over 20 years, and from this year it will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The new location of the event gives the organizers new opportunities - thanks to the almost three times larger exhibition space, they will be able to create the largest cosmetics fair in this part of Europe. As emphasized by the organizers of Beauty Forum
- the greater area also guarantees numerous amenities, and in this matter, Ptak Warsaw Expo is unrivaled among trade fairs and congresses throughout Poland.

Health and Beauty Media will be organizing its exhibition events and accompanying congresses at Ptak Warsaw Expo for at least the next 5 years. In 2021, the organizers plan to carry out two fair events at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The first event is the spring edition of the Beauty Forum, which has been organized for many years, and will be held on May 15-16. In turn, in the fall, between 25 and 26 September, the organizers plan to organize the premiere Beauty Forum & Hair fair,
which is a new formula of two, so far separate events: the autumn edition of Beauty Forum and the On Hair fair.

Beauty Forum is the most important event in the calendar of beauty industry professionalsin Poland. The unique formula of the fair combines business, education and an attractive program of events into a comprehensive offer ensuring wide development opportunities for people related to the industry. The offer of the fair is addressed both to professionals from the cosmetics industry, i.e.: owners and managers of beauty salons, stylists and students of schools with a profile related to the industry, as well as those who are just planning to start their professional activity in the beauty and hairdressing sector. The latest trends and innovative concepts are presented during the event. Participants can count on the power of experience as well as a wide range of products presented by many recognized companies.

A large group of exhibitors present their products and services at the Beauty Forum fair. During the 32nd edition of the event, which took place on September 21-22, 2019, visitors had the opportunity to see the offer of over 950 companies and brands. At that time, the fair was visited by over 13,000 guests who, apart from visiting the stands, could also take part in seminars and discussion panels. This year, due to the huge exhibition space Ptak Warsaw Expo, the number of visitors can be even greater!

More information about the Beauty Forum fair: https://beauty-fairs.com.pl/en/home/

The most interesting classic and vintage cars

For the eighth time, on May 8-9, 2021, fans of oldtimers will have the opportunity to take part in the vintage car fair organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo. The next edition of the Warsaw Oldtimer Show is a must-see event for all owners, collectors, experts and lovers of classic cars.

The Warsaw Oldtimer Show is the largest vintage vehicle fair in Central and Eastern Europe. The event attracts enthusiasts of classic cars from all over Poland and beyond. Ptak Warsaw Expo - the event organizer provides numerous attractions for families with children, as well as business and conference zones for investors and collectors.

Each year, the event presents thousands of iconic, classic and vintage cars as well as motorcycles. Apart from the exhibition, the fair also regularly hosts attractions such as: the classic car fair, a historic vehicle rally, as well as a military zone, renovation and detailing shows.

The Warsaw Oldtimer Show is an event connecting generations. Good classic cars and motorcycles have their fans among adults and children alike. The attractions provided during the vintage car fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo will satisfy automotive enthusiasts of all age groups.

We kindly invite all enthusiasts of classic cars and automotive to the most important event of the year!

The Warsaw Oldtimer Show is one of the few fair events that was successfully held in 2020. Despite the sanitary regime and the need to comply with the rules of sanitary safety, we organized and conducted the largest automotive event.

Last year's edition, due to the restrictions related to the pandemic, was held in the open air version. For those who participated in the fair once again, the outdoor event was certainly a new experience, but the organization of all attractions in the outdoor area gave a greater sense of security to both our exhibitors and visitors who willingly came to the Trade Fair and Congress Center. During the event, the fair and congress facility was visited by 12,000 participants!

More information about the 2021 edition: https://oldtimerwarsaw.com/en/

A reach scope of articles for children

The unique Fair of Toys and Children's Products - Warsaw Toys & Kids Expo, will take place on October 13-14, 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The priority goal of organizing the event is to create a new standard for a children's goods fair and to integrate the industry.

Toys & Kids Fashion Show is the largest trade fair dedicated to the sector of toys and children's goods. During the event, leading manufacturers and distributors of toys and children's articles will meet with representatives of retail chains and wholesalers to establish and develop business contacts in a convenient atmosphere and discuss the current condition of the industry and its development prospects.

Events at the Ptak Warsaw Expo – the biggest Trade Fair and Congress Center in Poland, are an excellent opportunity for meetings and exchange of experiences of industry representatives from around the world. The main assumptions of the Warsaw Toys & Kids Expo include the promotion of Polish companies operating in the children's goods industry as well as the products and services they offer. The event makes it possible to establish new business relations, acquire new customers and markets, contributing to the development of the offer of enterprises in the children's industry in Poland.

Warsaw Toys & Kids Expo is a business event during which domestic and international suppliers meet with buyers from all over the world. The Hosted Buyers program implemented by the organizer provides unique conditions for conducting business talks. Participation in the program guarantees exclusive meetings with carefully selected buyers.

The undeniable advantages of the event, apart from the great location of the facility and comprehensive infrastructure, are: numerous congresses and workshops, wide promotion of the event in social and nationwide media, as well as its industry character.

There are many benefits to participating in the Toys & Kids Expo. Participation in the event allows, among other things, to get acquainted with the offer of several hundred companies in one place and time, meetings with decision-makers and acquiring new business partners, as well as raising qualifications through participation in accompanying programs and meetings with experts setting directions for the development of the industry.

More information about the event: https://warsawtoys.com/en/

RENEX Group - a partner of Warsaw Industry Week

RENEX Group is one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies in the electronics industry. The products and technologies developed by the company enjoy wide recognition among specialists in Poland and Europe. For the second year in a row, RENEX has been awarded the Business Gazelle title - a distinction awarded to the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland.

The rich offer of RENEX Group includes, among others, REECO robots awarded with the "Teraz Polska" Emblem. The Robots series includes, among others, twisting, dosing and labeling robots, as well as a soldering robot that allows for the automation of manufacturing processes in plants producing electronics, replacing employees with tedious, repetitive tasks that require precision and experience. RENEX Group products will be presented during the International Fair of Innovative Solutions for Industry.

We kindly invite you to take part in the fair: https://industryweek.pl/en/registration/

The Warsaw Industry Week fair is not only a wide product offer. Visitors also await unique attractions, competitions and accompanying events. During the next edition of the Innovative Industrial Fair, the Polish Renex Soldering Championship, organized by the Renex Group company, will once again take place. For participants, both competitors and spectators - it means even more emotions and attractions in one place.

A one-of-a-kind tournament, combining knowledge and practice, from edition to edition is becoming more and more popular among both professionals and students of schools and academic fields with electronic profiles.

The event received great recognition and interest from the industry, in particular Polish specialists in the production and repair of electronic packages, and has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of electronic industry events. We are all the more pleased that it will be present again at the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland.

As the organizers have announced, the entries will be conducted in two categories:

1) Youth Polish Champion in Soldering - entries aimed at school pupils and students;

2) Polish Champion in Soldering - entries addressed to representatives of the electronics industry.

In addition to cash prizes, the RENEX Group, which is the sponsor and organizer of the Polish representation in Soldering, will also provide preparations for the competition and cover the costs of travel and stay at the European and World Soldering Championships.

More information and registration available at: https://www.rsc.zone/

A treat for caravanning fans

On October 7-10, 2021, PTAK Warsaw Expo will host an event that has been appreciated by motorhome and camping enthusiasts for several editions. The Camper & Caravan Show is the largest exhibition presenting market premieres in the field of caravanning and active recreation.

The number of caravanning enthusiasts is growing every year, as are the solutions that make trips easier and more pleasant. During this year's fair, visitors will have the opportunity to see modern campers with above-average functionality, as well as to benefit from expert advice in the field of shopping.

Camper & Caravan Show is the largest caravanning fair in Central and Eastern Europe. During the 4 days of the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about market novelties, as well as take advantage of the unique offer of exhibitors, prepared especially for this event. Among the companies participating in the fair there are producers and distributors of campers, caravans, mobile homes and all kinds of accessories. There will also be representatives of companies offering caravanning-related services, such as service and rental of vehicles and equipment.

The caravanning fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a valuable event for people who value active leisure. Lovers of outdoor recreation will surely be interested in the offer of outdoor furniture, grills, bicycles, scooters, quads and bicycles - also electric.

For caravanning enthusiasts, in addition to market premieres and a wide range of products and services, there will be also numerous attractions. One of them is the first Festival of Youtubers, bloggers and travelers related to Caravanning in Poland - Camper Con. Previous editions of the Camper Caravan Show were visited, among others, by: KiKi Świat, Busem Przez Świat, Kapitan Przyczepa, KamperManiak, sharing their knowledge, experience and impressions from numerous trips.

More information about Camper&Caravan Show 2021: https://campercaravanshow.com/en/

Fair of the Plastics Industry

Warsaw Plast Expo – a new event at PWE

Ptak Warsaw Expo, in response to the growing interest in industrial fairs, meets the expectations of the industry. The first edition of Warsaw Plast Expo - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Industry will take place on December 7-9, 2021.

Warsaw Plast Expo is a business event bringing together companies from the plastics and rubber processing industry. During the fair, companies offering solutions and products that are used in many industry segments: packaging, automotive, construction, as well as furniture, aviation, medical, sports and recreation, recycling and many other industries will present themselves.

A wide industry scope and a huge exhibition space at Ptak Warsaw Expo will allow for a deep market analysis and learning about many valuable solutions for all key sectors of the industry. The rich offer of exhibitors will include, among others: machines and equipment for processing, raw materials, semi-finished products and technical parts, as well as leasing and subcontracting services as well as software and industrial support systems.

The companies presenting their products and services will include: manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies for the production and processing of plastics and rubber, suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary agents, distributors of technical elements and reinforced plastics, as well as producers of adhesives, adhesive tapes and sealants or suppliers of materials for production preparation and pre-treatment.

Warsaw Plast Expo aims to bring together all branches of the industry and create favorable conditions for building a valuable base of business contacts. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the opinions of potential customers, their needs and preferences. The event is addressed to representatives of companies producing rubber products, household appliances or bathroom accessories, as well as companies from the IT industry (software and hardware), companies dealing with medical technology and those dealing with precision mechanics, the production of articles for logistics as well as automotive, construction and energy industries.

More information about the event: https://warsawplastexpo.com/en/

Transport - Shipping – Logistics

The International Transport, Forwarding and Logistics Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is an event addressed to companies and people looking for new vehicles, technologies and services related to transport, logistics and storage. The next edition of the event will be held on June 17-19, 2021.

MTTSL is an innovative event attended by exhibitors from both Poland and abroad, who will present the latest technologies and solutions related to logistics, transport and storage during three days. The fair is a great opportunity to learn about innovations taking place on the transport market and establish business relations. The wide profile of the event also allows you to get acquainted with the offer of companies whose task is to support the activities of carriers, both in the field of legal and organizational services, as well as in the field of transport exchanges, cargo security and fleet cards.

The fair is the only such opportunity not only to build a base of new customers, but also to hear about their needs, which will allow for an even better adjustment of the offer to the expectations of recipients. Last year, MTTSL was visited by as many as 4,500 visitors, including: importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors looking for solutions in the field of transport technology and services, logistics service providers and freight forwarders, owners of transport fleet, owners of logistics centers, halls and warehouses as well as representatives of courier companies. An additional advantage for the participants of the event is the Hosted Buyers program offered by the organizer - created for the first time in Poland on such a scale. Its primary purpose is to provide exhibitors with specific business meetings with potential buyers and recipients of their products and services. The program covers not only Poland, but also neighboring countries (mainly from Central and Eastern Europe), giving the entire event an international character.

The fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is distinguished by excellent infrastructure and the availability of the largest exhibition space in Poland, which provides unlimited possibilities of presenting its offer to exhibitors.

More information about the event: https://mttsl.pl/en/

A full range of tools and renovation items

On June 17-19, 2021, Ptak Warsaw Expo will host representatives of many professional tool companies operating on the Polish market. The Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show is an event during which every specialist will be able to experience interesting presentations and take advantage of special fair offers.

Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show is the only and fast-growing industry trade fair for tools, renovation and construction works in Poland, which is distinguished by a modern hybrid formula combining classic fairs with shows and demonstrations of construction, finishing, carpentry, assembly and DIY works. A very good location, industry-specific nature of the event and logistic facilities of the Ptak Warsaw Expo gives unlimited opportunities for exhibitors from the renovation and construction industry.

During the three days of the fair, leading manufacturers and distributors of many recognized brands will present a wide range of products for woodworking, metalworking and finishing works. Visitors will have a convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the rich and varied offer, including: hand tools, pneumatic and carpentry tools, as well as measuring devices, fastening systems, abrasive articles, technical chemistry and building materials.

Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show is an event organized for entrepreneurs and professionals who provide services in the field of finishing and construction works - both in the private and public sectors. The fair will be a great source of information and inspiration for representatives of such professions as: fitter, painter, roofer, tiler, carpenter or surveyor.

We kindly invite you to take part in Warsaw Tools & Hardware Show!

More information about the event: https://warsawtoolsshow.com/en/

The largest construction machinery fair

On June 17-19, 2021, at Ptak Warsaw Expo, an event dedicated to specialists from the construction industry will take place. During the three days of the Construction Machinery Exhibition , visitors will be able to experience dynamic machine shows and take advantage of specially prepared fair offers.

The industry scope of the event is related to issues in the field of civil engineering. During the fair, machines, vehicles and construction elements as well as lifts, scaffolding, formwork and cranes will be presented. The participants of the Construction Machinery Exhibition will also see the latest recycling and working machines, rock mining machines as well as road and green maintenance vehicles. Among the companies presenting their offer, there will also be maintance service and spare parts providers.

The Construction Machinery Exhibition at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a fair trade during which industry professionals will have a convenient opportunity to see the rich and varied offer of leading brands, and discuss about factors generating the development of the discipline. Ptak Warsaw Expo will be a platform for the exchange of information on the latest construction technologies used to erect buildings, as well as modern software and other available tools.

The fair trade is accompanied by dedicated events from some fields of work. On the outer part of the exhibition there will be: demonstrations of: recycling, demolition and scaffolding assembly.

More information about the event: https://warsawconstructionexpo.com/en/

Fair trade season 2021 at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Trade fair season 2021 - plan your meetings!

After many months of downtime caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions, Ptak Warsaw Expo returns to the organization of fairs. The first events are planned for spring this year.

Hoping that 2021 will allow for the rebuilding of business relations and mutual trust, Ptak Warsaw Expo will be open soon for entrepreneurs who are waiting for direct meetings and business talks. The exhibition season will begin with events whose previous editions have been appreciated by exhibitors and visitors. Upcoming trade fairs include the Central Agricultural Fair, Green Days, Warsaw Pack and Food Tech Expo.

During all events, participants will see exhibitions of products, machines and equipment offered by leading companies, as well as debates, seminars and industry panels raising the most important problems of a given sector. The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant losses in many sectors of the economy. Therefore, it seems important to build a space for dialogue and discussion about the opportunities and challenges that individual industries will face in 2021.

The great value and also the main goal of the fairs is the opportunity to present goods and services by exhibitors for whom participation in this type of events is the basic form of marketing and sales. Visitors, in one place and time, can see the offer of hundreds of companies, as well as learn about market trends and the newest solutions for industry. Ptak Warsaw Expo will make every effort to ensure that entrepreneurs, after many months of remote communication, can meet face to face and build lasting business relations.

Registration for selected events is now open. More information about the events:

The Central Agricultural Fair 2021: https://centralnetargirolnicze.pl/en/

Green Days 2021: https://greendaysexpo.com/en/

Warsaw Pack 2021: https://warsawpack.pl/en/

Food Tech Expo 2021: https://foodtechexpo.pl/en/

We encourage you to follow the trade fair calendar!

The next trade fair premiere in 2021

The next trade fair premiere in 2021

Warsaw Eco Power Expo is the International Renewable Energy Industry Fair, which is scheduled for 6-7 May 2021 and will be devoted to innovations in the energy sector, with a special focus on the renewable energy sources industry and solar techniques. The premiere edition of the two-day event will provide the exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of offers and current technological solutions, it will also be a place for dialogue within the framework of the conference and will allow new business contacts to be established and investor relations to be undertaken.

The energy sector concerning renewable sources is an extremely important topic for the European Union and the Member States. Poland, thanks to dynamic investments in renewable energy sources, has shifted its position towards the European leader, with Sweden at the top. However, despite the positive dynamics in recent times, we will not manage to meet the target of Poland’s commitment to the EU to ensure a 15% share of energy from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption by 2020. The EU’s objective is to provide 20% of the renewable energy sources in the community this year. The Polish Government has admitted that our country’s result will be lower than expected and is expected to be 13.8% in 2020.

The development of RES and its share in the energy sector depends on many factors, and one of the most important are modernisation and development at the level of industrial plants, farms, and finally private individuals. This is a broadly understood educational campaign relating to the whole society, extremely important from the point of view of environmental economics and the future. That is why the Warsaw EcoPower Expo already enjoys great interest from companies for which the presence at the fair is a key development tool. Participation in the trade fair will help to strengthen the promotion of the RES sector, products and services of both entities with an established market position and start-ups.


Contact regarding Warsaw EcoPower Expo:
Agnieszka Dąbkowska

Karol Trześniewski

Targi przemysłowe Ptak Warsaw Expo

2021 the year of the Industry Trade Fairs

2021 the year of the Industry Trade Fairs at Ptak Warsaw Expo

For several years now, representatives of many industrial sectors have been meeting at the Ptak Warsaw Expo to take part in the recognised trade fair for innovative Industrial Solutions – Warsaw Industry Week. The interest in the industrial fair is growing year by year and the event is developing more and more rapidly. During Warsaw Industry Week all branches of industry are presented: machines and tools for metal, wood, plastics processing, automation and robotization of industrial processes and software, industrial metrology, cutting and sanding, research and development, health and safety and many others.

Due to the epidemic situation, the 5th edition of the fastest growing industrial fair in Poland could not take place this year. The event has been postponed to another year and will take place on 3-5 November 2021.

The growing interest in industrial fairs not only proves the need for the next editions of Warsaw Industry Week, but is also an argument in favour of organising additional trade fairs dedicated to industries related to industry. This type of conclusion also coincides with the voices received from the representatives of individual industry sectors, who postulated the creation of new formats of events devoted exclusively to their specialisations. According to this idea, as early as next year, the Ptak Warsaw Expo fair and congress centre will host the premieres of such trade fair events as: Wood Tech Warsaw Expo, Warsaw Plast Expo, Warsaw Automatica Expo and Warsaw MetalTech.

Wood Tech Warsaw Expo

The Fair of Woodworking and Furniture Production is an obligatory event for all companies and specialists working in the wood industry. The fair will be a meeting place for producers, importers, traders, distributors, processors and end users from the woodworking industry.

Warsaw Plast Expo

It is an event bringing together companies from the plastics and rubber processing industry. It is the only trade fair that brings together all segments of the industry: machinery and equipment for plastics and rubber processing, raw materials, semi-finished products and technical parts, services, research and science.

Warsaw Automatica Expo

An event dedicated to the automation and robotics industry. The fair will be a unique opportunity to get to know the whole industrial ecosystem, which will allow to implement the most modern solutions for the industry of the future. The thematic scope of the Industrial Automation and Robotics Fair includes, among others: automation, robotisation, industrial electronics, control and measurement equipment and auxiliary fittings.

Warsaw MetalTech

It is a response to the needs of the rapidly growing Polish metalworking sector. During the fair, innovative metal forming technologies, high-tech machines, precise tool solutions and services for processes related to industrial metalworking will be presented.

PIŻE as a Strategic Partner of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2021

PIŻE as a Strategic Partner of BIOEXPO Warsaw 2021

Polish Chamber of Organic Food (PIŻE) is once again a Strategic Partner of the BIOEXPO Warsaw Fair, which will be held from 30 September to 2 October 2021 in PTAK Warsaw Expo.

BIOEXPO Warsaw is the only business event in Central Europe dedicated to the bio, eco, organic industry. During each edition, it will be represented in large numbers by representatives of the following sectors: food, beverages, organic farming, cosmetics and cleaning products, production machines, packaging and serving dishes, household appliances, pet products, as well as start’ups and supporting institutions, including certification bodies.

The fair is inseparably accompanied by the BIOEXPO Congress, co-organised by the Polish Chamber of Organic Food (PIŻE). The Congress is a 3-day formula consisting of numerous conferences, seminars and workshops. The most frequently undertaken topics are a summary of current legal issues for the industry and current trends outlining the directions of development of the organic sectors and illustrating consumer expectations and the changing market environment.

The Polish Chamber of Organic Food representing the environment of certified organic food is a partner for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other ministries. The mission of PIŻE is to promote a sustainable lifestyle and broad education of the society about the health values of organic products and the way of cultivation, breeding and processing of organic food. PIŻE gives its opinion on legislative projects concerning organic food and lobbies for the introduction of organic products in schools, kindergartens and other public institutions. In undertaking educational and promotional activities, it promotes the fashion for eco-products. Thanks to numerous initiatives, PIŻE supports and promotes Polish agriculture and the transformation of farms from conventional to organic production. As a sector organisation it brings together farmers, producers, processors and sellers of certified organic food.

More about the activity of PIŻE https://jemyeko.com/

Take part in BIOEXPO Warsaw https://bioexpo.pl/

United voice on the Trade Fair industry matters

United voice on the Trade Fair industry matters

Today, 28 October 2020, the exhibition industry unanimously begins official talks on the extremely difficult situation of the whole sector.

The Defence Committee of the Trade Fair Industry will pass on the postulates to the Prime Minister; the agreement on them concerns the future of trade fair centres and organisers of fair, congress or conference events, as well as, to a large extent, the surrounding industries, such as business tourism, which generates significant revenues for the hotel, transport and catering industry. It is hard not to mention companies providing services for the trade fair and event sector. Before the pandemic, the state budget received about half a billion zlotys a year in VAT from the fair sector. So we are not only talking about the future of thousands of entrepreneurs and people employed in the trade fair industry and related areas. We are talking about the Polish economy, which cannot afford to lose revenue generated by the trade fair and event industry.

Restrictions on the industry started at the end of February 2020, and with more or less restrictions they continue all the time. The individual trade fair events that took place after the unfreezing of the economy and the restarting of events in June did not allow the losses from previous months to be covered. Entering the “new reality for organisers of industry or B2C events was connected with additional costs resulting from the need to secure events from the sanitary point of view, which was influenced, among others, by the costs of dispensers with disinfectant, additional cleaning crews whose task was frequent disinfection, disinfection booths with automatic temperature measurement, additional marking concerning the sanitary safety rules during the fair, or, in the case of PTAK Warsaw Expo for example, distribution of free disposable masks for each fair participant. The contracted events for autumn 2020 will not necessarily take place despite the costs incurred by the organisers and exhibitors.

According to research conducted by the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, almost 76% of companies lost their only source of income. The representatives of the Chamber also estimated that the trade fair industry in downtime reaches losses of PLN 150 million per month, which means that at the moment, after 8 months, the industry has already lost over PLN 1 billion and has to reckon with the loss of further millions.

The industry has held its breath and it is hard to be optimistic about the nearest future. The demands presented by the Trade Fair Industry Defence Committee are a real help for those in power to understand the trade fair business and work out real, safe and functional solutions allowing them to return to business as soon as possible.



Field Hospital in Ptak Warsaw Expo

Field Hospital - PWE maintains its declaration of assistance

In connection with the plans of the Polish government to create field hospitals in Mazovia, PTAK Warsaw Expo maintains its declaration on the adaptation of the congress and fair centre to a temporary hospital for COVID-19 infected people.

On 24 March 2020, Tomasz Szypuła, President of PTAK Warsaw Expo for the first time declared his full readiness to support the government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus: We are ready, in the event of a growing coronavirus pandemic, to make the PTAK Warsaw Expo facility in Nadarzyn available to the authorities on a completely non-commercial basis for the creation of a field hospital, as was done in Italy, Spain or the United States. The largest Expo facilities in Milan, Madrid and New York were adapted for the field hospitals,” said PWE President.

During the first wave of the pandemic, the field hospitals were not built. Now that the government has decided to create temporary hospitals for coronavirus-infected people in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the President of PWE, Tomasz Szypuła, once again extends a helping hand to those in power. The Board remains ready and, if necessary, will provide the Polish state with the opportunity to use the expo halls free of charge in order to create a field hospital.

PTAK Warsaw Expo has 6 halls with a total area of almost 150,000 m2, which are located in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Apart from a huge internal area, there is 500 thousand m2 of external space around the halls.

Ogromny szpital polowy pod Warszawą? PTAK Warsaw Expo składa propozycje

Our membership in the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Our membership in the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Ptak Warsaw Expo has been certified as a member of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, thus gaining access to information about current changes in the law and threats that appear before entrepreneurs.
ZPP cooperates on a permanent basis with a large group of experts in key areas, who support over 50 thousand member companies with their knowledge and experience on a daily basis.

The aim of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is to initiate and assist in all activities aimed at eliminating from the Polish legislation restrictions on business activity exceeding the EU requirements, which in a straightforward way is to equalise opportunities in competition between domestic and European companies.

The IPP was established as a disagreement that 99.8% of companies in Poland, which employ ¾ of Poles and produce 67% of GDP must operate in an unfriendly legal environment, hence a number of actions leading to: Monitoring of the legislative process in the area of entrepreneurs’ interests, organization of actions and campaigns for beneficial solutions for companies in Poland, lobbying for good solutions and building a positive image of entrepreneurs.