On October 7, the biggest event dedicated to motorhome and caravanning enthusiasts starts. And with it a lot of amazing attractions

Ania and Krzysztof bought their first motorhome three years ago. Last year they heard from a friend from an event organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo. “We got so hot on her,” says Ania. Her husband adds: “We’ve been preparing for her for several months now.”

Indeed, Camper & amp; Caravan Show is an extraordinary event offering its participants a variety of possibilities. First of all: those who want to buy a motorhome or caravan can compare the offers of several companies and distributors, gathered at one time and place. And this is a great comfort, because the decision on this type of investment must be preceded by an in-depth market research.

Secondly: everyone who is already happy to own their home on four wheels, but would like to add extra equipment or change it a bit, maybe during Camper & amp; Caravan Show learn about new trends and keep up to date with news. Televisions, cameras, navigations and furniture – these are just some of the equipment available at the fair.

Third, however … “This fair is a great promotion of a lifestyle that is close to us,” notes Ania. And he adds: “Our friends will be there with their motorhomes”. Camper Participant & amp; The Caravan Show, of course, tells about the largest Caravanning Rally in Poland, for which over 600 teams have registered! If we add Camper Con to it, i.e. a festival of reporters and youtubers related to motorhomes, as well as the Food Truck Festival, we get a really unique mix of attractions.

Everyone who wants to visit Ptak Warsaw Expo on October 7-10, for more information, please visit: Caravanning Fair – Camper Caravan Show 2021 Poland. Be with us!