“We have set ourselves the goal of creating a fair that will consolidate the industry and enable a discussion on how to take advantage of the growing trends in the eco market” – says Alicja Płatek, BIOEXPO Warsaw mentor.

In a moment, between September 30 and October 2, the third edition of BIOEXPO Warsaw. Does it make sense to hold trade fairs in these difficult times that have been marked by the pandemic?

Of course! The more so that, according to experts’ estimates, the upward trend observed on the organic market before the outbreak of the pandemic continued or even increased. We have started to take care not only that the products we consume have a positive effect on health (e.g. immunity), but also that household waste does not destroy the ecosystem, so necessary for us to enjoy a long and healthy life. < / span>

How do you explain the increase in this type of anxiety?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of the economy and the approach to the way of life of many consumers. We realized that we are part of a larger whole and that our individual choices have an impact on others. This began to translate not only into taking care of safety in public places, but also into a responsible way of everyday life. Interestingly, living in eco style is exactly what.

So the eco industry doesn’t need to worry?

She should not be “worried”, which does not change the fact that she should keep her finger on the pulse, constantly developing. It should be remembered that despite satisfactory data on the state of the eco industry in the times of the pandemic, the share of certified products in the context of various sectors of the economy is still very low.

And this is where the fair organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo comes in handy …

Exactly. As the organizers of BIOEXPO Warsaw, the most important fair of this type in Poland, we faced a huge challenge. Well, we have set ourselves the goal of creating an event that, on the one hand, will consolidate the still small industry and enable its representatives to develop, and on the other, will allow for a discussion on how to take advantage of the increase in awareness of being eco, noted among consumers during the pandemic. Therefore, in addition to traditional fairs, we organize important, opinion-forming accompanying events with an educational profile: Organic Food Conference and the BIOEXPO Congress.

This is the third edition of the event. What were its beginnings? Where did the idea of ​​the fair come from?

Ptak Warsaw Expo, the organizer of BIOEXPO Warsaw, is a leader in the trade fair and conference market, so it has always set itself bold challenges. When we organized the first edition of the International Food and Ecological Products Fair, many people wondered if it was profitable and necessary. Meanwhile, it was obvious for us that entrepreneurs in the eco industry have great potential that we should support. The development of this sector in recent years has clearly shown, also to skeptics, that we were right.

What can we expect when visiting Ptak Warsaw Expo at the turn of September and October?

Currently, on the eve of the third edition of BIOEXPO, we feel proud that we invite you to the trade fair in which we had a modest but important participation. This can be confirmed by the data: the number of exhibitors and visitors to the fair is growing year by year, as is the interest of the media, not only specialist media. Our main partner is the LIDL chain of stores, and our strategic partner is the Polish Chamber of Organic Food. We have over 200 exhibitors from 14 countries in Europe and the world, including Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Peru.

So we can say that the trust you placed in the eco industry is coming back to Ptak Warsaw Expo?

I hope so! Indeed, we have been trusted by many people, companies and institutions, and we have done our best not to disappoint this trust. And we will do even more, which can be checked by everyone who visits BIOEXPO Warsaw between September 30 and October 2. On behalf of the entire team, I cordially invite lovers of a healthy lifestyle and friends of the eco industry. And also skeptics – there are plenty of surprises waiting for everyone!

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