During the Furniture Contract Expo, video interviews were given by the following companies: Monarita, Przemysł Drzewny A+S and fajnekrzesla.pl. The company owners talked about their products, presented their uniqueness and interesting design. We also found out where they get the inspiration to create this unique furniture. There were also interesting and innovative solutions, such as the implementation of AR technology to create a chair model from scratch, as told by Mr. Sebastian Gwałt, co-owner of the company Fajnekrzesla.pl.

The Awards Ceremony took place at 1:00 p.m. The winners were personally thanked and presented with prizes by the President of the National Trade Chamber, Mr. Dariusz Drąg.

Fair medals in the INNOVATION category were awarded to: MEXTRA and Lovely Linen. In the FAIR EXPOSITION category, awards were given to the following companies: MOBLO FACTORY, also to Jan Nowak. The following companies were distinguished in the FAIR PREMIERE category: Fajnekrzesla.pl and Przemysł Drzewny A+S.

We would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors for their participation. See you in the next edition!