On May 14, during the first day of Warsaw Industry Automatica, the Trade Fair Medal Award Ceremony was held, which honors and recognizes selected exhibitors.

The awards were given by the chapter of the Ptak Warsaw Expo and the National Exhibition Chamber.

During the first day of the fair, fair medals were awarded to companies:

In the TARGET EXHIBITION category, Backhoff Automation was awarded.

In the TARGET PREMIERE category, the award went to the companies: Finder Poland, Induprogress, Strashu Elektro-Distribution. In the TARGET PRODUCT category, the award went to the companies: Askom, APA, AEA Technique. In the INNOVATION category, the companies awarded were: Automa.net, ASERTO, Katowice Special Economic Zone, Wire Solutions Grzegorz Bednarz, Apex Dynamics Poland, Baumer, Staubli Lodz ,Euchner and NORELEM.

Video interviews were given by the companies: Backhoff, Finder Polska and Wire Solutions Grzegorz Bednarz.

Representatives of the companies talked about their experience, flagship products and the innovations they implement in their solutions.

The first day of the fair was characterized by a large turnout.

See you tomorrow !