On the first day of the EuroGastro trade fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the enthusiasm of the gastronomic industry reached its peak, and the event became a platform not only for presenting novelties but also for honoring the most outstanding representatives of the sector. Mr. Dariusz Drąg, the president of the National Trade Chamber, awarded prestigious trade prizes in the form of medals.

In six strategic categories, companies were distinguished for surpassing the competition in terms of innovation, product quality, and presentation creativity. In the “Trade Premiere” category, Miele was recognized for surprising the market audience with the most innovative product debuting at the trade booth.

The award in the “Trade Product” category went to companies distinguished by the highest quality of presented products: Lubiana, Kera-Ceramika.
In the “Trade Exhibition” category, recognition was given to: Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the company Dawtona. Bold booth arrangements attracted the attention of visitors.

In the “Innovation” category, the Chapter honored companies that presented the most groundbreaking solutions in the field of gastronomy: Tarsmak Gondek and Partners, Elavon, Weindich, Gerlach. This award is for those who boldly move forward, introducing unique technologies and concepts.
The special award “Product of the Year” went to the company Lovely Linen.

All awards were received by deserving representatives of the distinguished companies, and the medals are an expression of appreciation for their contribution to the industry’s development. EuroGastro at Ptak Warsaw Expo is off to a promising start, emerging as a significant event for entrepreneurs and gastronomy enthusiasts, united by a common passion for innovation and excellent taste.

During the first day of the EuroGastro trade fair, journalists conducted a series of interviews with representatives of distinguished companies in the trade studio. The conversations focused on innovative products, creative solutions, and the prospects for the development of the gastronomy industry. Join us for the next day of the fair, where more fascinating discussions and inspirations await discovery! Starting at 11:30.