The largest dental and aesthetic medicine fair in Poland has just ended. Thousands of visitors, hundreds of talks, dozens of premieres and unique congresses and workshops – this is how the past Warsaw Dental Medica Show can be briefly described

IMPRESSIVE FREQUENCY | Ptak Warsaw Expo, the event organizer, confirms that the fair was visited by more people than last year. “We were prepared for such a situation because it was indicated by the number of registered people” Agnieszka Dąbkowska, director of the event tells us . One of the exhibitors notes: “We are also here because you did not disappoint us.” And he explains: “Unlike other centers, you organized the fair in the promised formula, and on such a scale. You scored a lot in the industry. “

SAFE FAIRS | “I am delighted with such words” smiles Agnieszka Dąbkowska. “Our participants were great for a variety of reasons. I want to emphasize one thing in particular: they perfectly complied with the safety rules we introduced. ” And those, which are worth emphasizing, were appreciated by a leading specialist in infectious diseases in Poland, prof. Krzysztof Simon. This outstanding doctor visited the second day of the fair to deliver his lecture during the Congress of Dentistry. Immediately after the end of the session, he met with Tomasz Szypuła, president of Ptak Warsaw Expo. visit the exhibition hall and learn about the rules of organizing trade fairs. “I am very impressed with the size of the rooms, the size of the fair and the distance between the stands” praised Warsaw Dental Medica Show prof . Simon.

MODERN STANDS | The exhibitors themselves were also impressed by the exhibition hall and the new stands proposed by Ptak Warsaw Expo. “They look beautiful. Especially the colorful ones, ”said a representative of one of the media patrons of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show. Constructed of wood and fibreboard, they are an innovation in the expo industry, which the host companies received very enthusiastically.

EXCEPTIONAL OFFERS | At the aesthetically arranged stands we could buy , among others the most fashionable medical clothing and footwear; equipment for offices that meet the highest standards (including armchairs and lamps); the most modern devices (e.g. in-office 3D printers and stimulators for pain reduction), as well as large, specialized equipment (e.g. dental units). Among the products there were many premieres, while others were offered with attractive discounts, valid only as part of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show.

SUITABILITY OF THE FAIR | Dąbkowska points out that it was precisely the various types of stationary equipment that aroused the greatest interest of professionals: “In the period preceding the fair, manufacturers did not reach potential customers, because transporting the equipment was difficult. Fortunately, there are events like ours that eliminate logistical and territorial limitations. ” One of the dentists added: “Here I was able to compare the materials of several manufacturers who offered me the purchase of equipment for tens of thousands of zlotys.” As we can see, trade fairs – unlike online or telephone purchases increase the safety and profitability of large investments. </ span> < / span>

LEARNING DRIVES BUSINESS | A separate space should be devoted to the scientific section of the fair, nearThe event consisted of three international congresses (Dentistry, Aesthetic Medicine and EduAsyst), the Day of New Technologies, and workshops and training courses organized by exhibitors. During symposia and discussion panels, premiere products and innovative system solutions were discussed, as well as selected medical issues (including laser treatment, dental loupes and orthosurgery) were analyzed. The speakers included recognized specialists, incl. prof. Massimo Frosecchi, prof. Marzena Dominiak, prof. Tomasz Gedrange, as well as Dr. Bassel A. Jamra. Their lectures realized that the technology so useful in dentistry feeds on science. Therefore, in order to successfully operate in the industry, it is worth expanding your competences all the time.

DENTAL IN A NUTSHELL | Interestingly, this year’s edition of the Warsaw Dental Medica Show also showed that dentistry offers unlimited possibilities not only to its representatives. Among the guests of the event there were exhibitors from outside the industry, offering, for example, works of art. Such accents should not come as a surprise, however: they result from the interests of dentists who want to create a comfortable space in their offices for themselves and their patients. “The Warsaw Dental Medica Show allowed us to meet the diverse expectations of the industry, both those related to science, commerce and free time. We wanted to arrange the world of dentists in the exhibition hall in a nutshell ”- explains Dąbkowska.

NEXT EDIT | And it definitely succeeded, as evidenced by the huge number of exhibitors who declared their willingness to participate in next year’s fair. “Nothing that is new in the industry will escape the attention of the organizers” – said one of the participants. And he added: “Anyone who wants to develop must visit the Warsaw Dental Medica Show next year”.

The next edition of the event will take place on September 8-10, 2022. We invite you to register now: Warsaw Dental Medica Show – Dental Fair