The largest trade fair in the field of gifts and decorations is behind us

On March 23-25, 2023, the international fair of gifts and decorations Warsaw Home Gift&Deco took place. The innovative, contracting formula of the event opened companies and entrepreneurs to new business opportunities.

Warsaw Home Gift&Deco was created from the need to integrate the sector and give it an impulse to develop after the winter period. Spring is a new opening for the market, new trends, collections, inspirations and ideas that can change arrangements and make interiors even more aesthetically impressive. That is why this business sector needed a networking and educational platform that would boost its development and facilitate the establishment of new business cooperation on preferential terms.

Warsaw Home Gift&Deco – industry meeting

Warsaw Home Gift&Deco was a meeting of major brands in the industry. It allowed to establish relations between producers, distributors and creators operating in the industry and interior architects, designers, designers and arrangement companies. It was also an opportunity to buy everyday items, occasional gifts, souvenirs, toys or articles for children, constituting an excellent trading platform in every sense of the phrase.

During the event, participants and B2B contractors could familiarize themselves with the offers of, among others, Cermax, GMC, Silit, Anapol, Arco Design, Hagen Jacobsen,, Roy, GiftDeco, Pinus, Servetrade Ventures, Association of Polish Artists and Designers, LinkFair, Arquetta, DryPol, EcoDeco Import, Egoistus, Hefra and Normobaria.

Warsaw Home Gift&Deco was also an opportunity to present your business in the media. The media partners of the event included, among others, “Cztery Kąty”, “House with a garden”, “Świat Wnętrz”, “How to build a nice house” and “AboutDecor”.

What gave Warsaw Home Gift&Deco?

Warsaw Home Gift&Deco was a networking platform, which in practice meant, above all, a guarantee of promoting the company at the largest trade fair in Poland. This, in turn, involved reaching several thousand new business customers and establishing new relationships, which translated into the company’s profits. It was also an opportunity to shorten the sales cycle thanks to direct contact with the client, to negotiate mutually beneficial terms of cooperation and to learn about current market needs. Individual meetings with representatives of the leading companies in the industry made it possible to shorten decision-making processes.

Participants of the event learned about trends and innovations on the gift and decoration market. They checked seasonal offers and expanded their trading opportunities. They found new suppliers and raised their qualifications thanks to lectures and presentations. Warsaw Home Gift&Deco was a big step in the development of the sector.

The next edition of the spring edition of Warsaw Home

We have good news – Ptak Warsaw Expo will not give up on business integration also in the spring of next year. The next edition of this Warsaw Home format will take place on February 14 – 16, 2024. Thank you for participating in this year’s edition of the event and we invite you to the next one!