18-01-2023 - 19-01-2023

TSW - Fair for fruit-growing and vegetables

TSW is one of the largest specialist horticultural exhibitions in Central and Eastern Europe. During the 12th edition of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of means of production: innovative fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, products supporting horticultural production. The fair will be attended by companies dealing in refrigeration and storage, companies supplying machines for orchard and gardening, for sorting and packing fruit and vegetables. Producers of nursery material, fruit trading companies and companies specializing in fruit processing will be present. Spacious stands give exhibitors the opportunity to present their offer to all visitors.

During the two days of the fair, lectures by Polish and foreign specialists will take place: IX Strawberry Conference, VIII Orchard Economic Forum, Orchard Conference, “Ecology and sustainable gardening in practice, who does it pay off? The “Pod Osłonami” conference and the conference on field vegetables.

During TSW 2022, for the eighth time, the Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek. The jury of the competition will award the most innovative and beneficial for horticulture, the environment and society products submitted by exhibitors.

Since 2013, TSW has been organizing Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos Sp. z o.o., owner of an advertising agency, publisher of trade press, among others monthly magazines: “Drwal”, “Branie Łowiecka”, the biweekly “Las Polski”, co-editor of the “Jagodnik” magazine and owner of the Oikos.tv internet television


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