Animals’ Days – International Zoological Fair

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Ptak Warsaw Expo
62 Katowicka Ave.
05-830 Nadarzyn, Poland
Phone: +48 22 122 02 87

29.03.2019 – 31.03.2019
Animals’ Days 2019 – International Zoological Fair

It is the largest zoological trade exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe, an event bringing together both animal lovers and professionals from the animal husbandry industry and care for them. In one place breeders of dogs and pedigree cats, carers and admirers of badgers, owners of shops and wholesalers, producers and distributors of food and accessories for animal breeding and care, aquarists and terrarists will meet.

Animals’ Days is an excellent opportunity to establish business relations, promotion and presentation of articles for breeding and animal care. We are developing the Fair – about the sector of rehabilitation and treatment of accompanying animals. The awareness of animal owners is changing – taking care of their pet, visitors are looking for valued and renowned veterinarians, which gives the opportunity to develop the Fair for zones not seen before at other events, not only Polish but also foreign ones.

The success of previous editions has aroused interest in the international market – we organize foreign pavilions with China and Turkey. Thanks to the hosted – buyers program launched by Ptak Warsaw Expo, Animals’ Days is a platform for meetings of Polish producers of the broadly understood zoological market with potential business partners from abroad, enabling the increase of exports to Polish companies.

As the first in Poland, we search for our clients partners from abroad with a strictly defined profile of activity and we deal with the organization of matchmaking sessions. In cooperation with our patrons and partners, we organize a number of conferences and which are supposed to foster the development of cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs and foreign partners, all to increase international trade.

The program, apart from exhibition stands and industry conferences, will include presentations of pedigree animals – dogs, cats, displays of exotic animals, tips and lectures for animal lovers, training workshops, grooming tips, exhibitions and many other attractions. Animals’ Days is not only a platform for business but also an event for all animal lovers. Both for adults and children.

Events that accompanying Animals’Days:

  • International Dog Show (Kennel Club in Poland, Branch Warsaw)
  • International Cat Show (Polish Feline Association)
  • Aquarium Magazine Academy
  • Aquarium Arrangement Championship by AQUAEL
  • III Plebiscite of the Zoological Industry of the Zoobranża Magazine – Product of the Year, Shop of the Year, Company of the Year, Trader of the Year
  • Conference of the Zoological Industry Certified Advisor “4 DIMENSION IN SALE” (Zoobranża Magazine)
  • “SPORT DOG” conference for zoophysiotherapists and sports dog owners (Study of Animal Rehabilitation )
  • I Open Polish Dog Diving Championships
  • Exotic Animal Zone (EPICRATES Foundation)

Statistics of previous editions:

I edition of 2017:
– 136 exhibitors,
– 42 258 visitors,
– 30,000 m2 area

Second edition of 2018:

– 230 exhibitors,
– 49 128 visitors,
– 50,000 m2 area

Join us as an exhibitor or register and collect your ticket for this year’s edition.

The fair remains: