Automation and robotics fair coming soon with a new date

The premiere edition of the industrial automation and robotics fair Warsaw Automatica Expo will not take place on the previously planned September date. A new date for the event will be announced soon.

Warsaw Automatica Expo is a platform conducive to the dissemination of the latest solutions for industry in the field of automation and robotics. The main purpose of the event is to exchange knowledge and experiences and to provide a space to explore and discuss the future of automation with industry leaders and experts.

The industrial automation and robotics fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo is a response to the need to look for new and innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation, resulting from the constantly growing demand for increasing the efficiency of enterprises and sustainable development. Warsaw Automatica Expo is an opportunity to get to know a wide range of products, current trends and the latest technologies and intelligent systems, enabling the improvement of safety, quality, efficiency, and the improvement of processes and the creation of new business opportunities. The exhibition area will include, among others: control and measurement equipment, automation components, analog and digital control systems, robots with software and components, various types of drives and valves as well as auxiliary fittings and electronic components.

Warsaw Automatica Expo will be an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills, as well as get to know solutions that will facilitate the digital transformation of the company, enabling faster and more effective operations and achieving higher financial benefits.

We encourage you to follow the Ptak Warsaw Expo FAIR CALENDAR. New event date soon!