On May 8-9, during the Fair of Aesthetic Medicine, Estetica - there were 4 inspiring panel discussions.

During the first day of the fair, presenter Aleksandra Zarzycka-Kosla led two debates, with 5 speakers:

  • Mrs. Elżbieta Zalewska – founder of the clinic Dakini Estetic
  • Ms. Inez Bejnar – founder of the training center – Inez Lifting
  • Mr. Adam Piekut – facial cosmetology expert, among others, in the Q&A for breakfast
  • Ms. Weronika Rustecka – passionate about health and medicine, a graduate in physiotherapy
  • Ms. Marta Rodzik – journalist, image and public relations expert

During the first debate, at 12:00 pm, speakers addressed the following issues:

The effectiveness of combination therapies – how to get the best results by properly combining different treatments, modern techniques and procedures in anti-aging treatments – lifting threads, toxin therapy. There was also interesting information on the benefits and risks of complications after, recently fashionable, treatments with stimulators.

The audience had the opportunity to learn a little more about complementary and adjunctive treatments in aesthetic medicine. There was no lack of topics related to marketing. We received a handful of information on how to effectively conduct business in the beauty industry.

In a video interview they spoke about their passion for the profession – Ms. Elżbieta Zalewska and Mr. Adam Piekut. They revealed their secret to success in the industry, talking about their long experience and passion for the profession.

At 1:30 pm, another debate was held.

During the hour-long discussion, the following issues were addressed:

The impact of adherence to post-surgical recommendations on the results of therapy, psychological aspects of working with clients, fashions prevailing in aesthetic medicine and their consequences, the image of celebrities after aesthetic medicine treatments – pros and cons, autologous treatments as therapies that slow down the skin aging process.

Both conferences were very well received by the audience, bringing valuable information from the world of aesthetic medicine.

During the second day of the Aesthetic Medicine Fair, more panel discussions were held. The debates featured:

  • Karolina Huzner – MA in Clinical Cosmetology, trainer, university lecturer
  • Ewa Landowska – cosmetologist, founder of the clinic Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology Ewa Landowska.
  • Krystian Stasiak – doctor of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Katarzyna Gnap – cosmetologist, expert in skin diagnostics, academic lecturer
  • Magda Kolodziejczak – manager, PR specialist
  • Ilona Kędzierska – cosmetologist, Beauty industry expert in wedding fairs, breakfast television and trade magazines

The first debate began at 12:00 p.m. The discussion focused on topics such as:

Effective therapeutic techniques in the development of scars and hyperpigmentation. The speakers also addressed the topic of cooperation between a doctor and a cosmetologist, outlining the immense benefits of cooperation without rivalry. An important topic was patient education and awareness as a key aspect of the benefits of aesthetic procedures and the reduction of complications. There was also the topic of the role of the studio manager in creating the image of the salon and building trust and good relations with the client.

In the second debate, at 1:30 pm, Ms. Natalia Musidlowska joined the speakers, presenting the OBSERV device for in-depth skin analysis. Other speakers covered topics such as the effects of UVA and UVB radiation on the skin, the use of botulinum toxin (facts and myths) and addiction to aesthetic medicine treatments.

After both lectures, the following spoke in video interviews about their professional path, as well as their salons:

Ms. Katarzyna Gnap, Ms. Karolina Hauzner, Ms. Ewa Landowska and Ms. Ilona Kędzierska.

We would like to thank all the speakers and the audience for their participation during the two days of the conference !