A step towards renewable energy

On November 24-25, 2021, a new event – Eco Power Expo, will take place at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The premiere edition of the two-day event will provide exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of offers and current technological solutions in the renewable energy industry.

Eco Power Expo is an event dedicated to the innovations of the energy industry, with particular emphasis on the sector of renewable energy sources and solar technologies. The nature of the event will favor the promotion and sale of solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass equipment. The fair will be a meeting platform for specialists and representatives of companies operating in the energy sector, which will allow for establishing new business contacts and taking actions in the field of investor relations.

The changes taking place in the energy sector are influenced by many factors, including: trends in international climate and energy policy and new legal regulations that follow them. At the beginning of February 2021, the government adopted the Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040 – a document that is to set goals, assumptions and measures for Poland’s energy transformation in the next 20 years. The key assumptions of the “Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040” is the development of renewable energy sources, improvement of energy efficiency and air quality in Poland. By 2040, half of the installed capacity will come from zero-emission sources. Considering the above issues, it is impossible not to notice that the demand for energy from RES will only grow.

Problems related to the use of individual energy sources are also often raised in the public space. Polish society expects the energy transformation, paying more and more attention to the threats resulting from poor air quality and rising energy costs, as well as climate change. Consequently, the interest in renewable energy sources is also growing. The premiere edition of Eco Power Expo will allow participants to review offers and current technological solutions.

The fair will also be a great place to exchange views and discuss the development of renewable energy and its participation in the energy sector. A large amount of energy from renewable sources, especially such as wind or solar energy, will be a significant technological challenge. The scope of energy transformation will include modernization and development at the level of industrial plants, farms, and finally private persons.

Participation in the Eco Power Expo fair will allow you to consult ideas and identify opportunities and threats facing the energy sector, as well as strengthen the promotion of products and services, both: entities with an established market position and start-ups.

More information about the event: https://ecopowerexpo.com/en/