Ptak Warsaw Expo

The largest International Trade Fair and Exhibition Center in Poland and Central Europe, which is located in the suburbs of Warsaw. It has 143,000 square meters of exhibition space in six pavilions and 500,000 square meters of external space, which can be used to organize exhibitions and outdoor events.

Latest update regarding Ptak Warsaw Expo

March 25, 2020

The Chairman of the Board of PTAK Warsaw ExpoMr Tomasz Szypuła, declared that the exhibition centre Warsaw Expo is ready to provide the support to the government in fight against the coronavirus.
“We are ready to provide the fairground of Expo to the Polish authorities, completely non-profit, in case of coronavirus outbreak, as it was done in Italy, Spain and the United States. The biggest exhibition centres in Milan, Madrit and New York were turned into temporary coronavirus hospitals. We are the owners of 6 exhibition halls with total exhibition space of 150 000 sqm, this space can be transformed into medical facility with thousands of beds for patients with coronavirus symptoms. We are ready to involve the whole technical department into conversion work, to prepare the exhibition space into the field hospital. We offer to the Polish authorities, not only the space but also our technical base and equipment. Our offer is completely non-profit and if there is a need from the Polish authorities, the exhibition space is to their disposal free of charge.” said Tomasz Szypuła.

New trade fair calendar

March 6, 2020

Due to the emergency of the coronavirus case in Poland the management of Ptak Warsaw Expo taking primarily into account the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors from around the world decided to modify the calendar of trade fair events in 2020. All changes occurred as a result of consultations with industries and representatives of voivodship sanitary authorities.

In case of events for which tickets have already been purchased they all remain valid on new dates. You can find updated dates in the new trade fair calendar 2020

Urgent message

March 4, 2020

Due with the emergence of the coronavirus case in Poland, after consulting the industry and exhibitors, as well as the provincial sanitary authorities, taking into account the health of our exhibitors and visitors, the Management Board of Ptak Warsaw Expo decided to postpone the date of the Warsaw Motorcycle Show from 6 -8 March to 5-7 June 2020.

The priority for our company is the health and safety of exhibitors and trade fair visitors at PTAK Warsaw Expo. Despite the financial and organizational commitment on the part of exhibition companies and our as the organizer we are sure of the right decision. At the same time we would like to thank all exhibitors for their solidarity and support.

Urgent message

March 3, 2020

In connection with the global epidemiological situation and in the interest of the health of exhibitors and visitors to the fair, PTAK Warsaw Expo would like to inform about the implementation of procedures in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, which include: repeated frequent cleaning and washing of balustrades, door handles and mirrors; placing containers with disinfectant liquid; medical point at the guests’ disposal.

We provide ongoing monitoring of current information and messages issued by GIS and WHO, and the immediate implementation of all current recommendations and guidelines regarding procedures for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Fair Calendar

Warsaw Construction Machinery Exhibition
04-06-2020 - 06-06-2020
Warsaw Tools&Hardware Show
04-06-2020 - 06-06-2020
China Home Life
17-06-2020 - 19-06-2020
EuroGastro / WorldHotel
18-06-2020 - 20-06-2020
Warsaw Motorcycle Show
28-08-2020 - 30-08-2020
Warsaw Oldtimer Show
29-08-2020 - 30-08-2020
Poland Shoes Expo
02-09-2020 - 04-09-2020
Poland Footwear Industry Show
02-09-2020 - 04-09-2020
Marble Warsaw Fair
03-09-2020 - 05-09-2020
Animals Days
04-09-2020 - 06-09-2020
09-09-2020 - 11-09-2020
Warsaw Bus Expo
09-09-2020 - 11-09-2020
Warsaw Dental Medica Show
10-09-2020 - 12-09-2020
16-09-2020 - 17-09-2020
Clean Expo Poland
16-09-2020 - 17-09-2020
Beauty Days
18-09-2020 - 20-09-2020
Warsaw Wedding Days
18-09-2020 - 20-09-2020
China Brand Show Poland
21-09-2020 - 23-09-2020
Warsaw Food Expo
22-09-2020 - 24-09-2020
Warsaw Home & Contract
30-09-2020 - 03-10-2020
Expo 4 Future
30-09-2020 - 01-10-2020
08-10-2020 - 10-10-2020
Green Days
08-10-2020 - 10-10-2020
Warsaw Gift&Deco Show
08-10-2020 - 10-10-2020
Toys & Kids Fashion Show
15-10-2020 - 17-10-2020
World of Coffee Warsaw
15-10-2020 - 17-10-2020
Warsaw Sweet Tech
19-10-2020 - 20-10-2020
Camper Caravan Show
23-10-2020 - 25-10-2020
World Travel Show
23-10-2020 - 25-10-2020
Warsaw Ski&Outdoor Show
23-10-2020 - 25-10-2020
Warsaw Yacht Salon
23-10-2020 - 25-10-2020
Warsaw Print Tech Expo
28-10-2020 - 29-10-2020
Warsaw Industry Week
03-11-2020 - 05-11-2020
Wood Tech Expo
03-11-2020 - 05-11-2020
03-11-2020 - 05-11-2020
Electronics Show
06-11-2020 - 08-11-2020
Automotive Parts Expo
13-11-2020 - 15-11-2020
Warsaw Motor Show
13-11-2020 - 15-11-2020
Warsaw Fleet Expo
13-11-2020 - 15-11-2020
Fast Textile
18-11-2020 - 20-11-2020
Warsaw Comic Con
20-11-2020 - 22-11-2020
Warsaw Build
26-11-2020 - 29-11-2020
Warsaw Fishing Days
27-11-2020 - 29-11-2020
Spring 2021
Warsaw Energy Expo
13-01-2021 - 14-01-2021
Warsaw Exhibition of Pigeons and Ornamental Poultry
Wiosna 2021
Warsaw Roof Tech
Spring 2021
The Central Agricultural Fair
29-01-2021 - 31-01-2021
RemaDays Warsaw
Spring 2021
Warsaw Reha&Care Fair
19-02-2021 - 21-02-2021
IntraMag Poland
Spring 2021
Food Tech Expo
16-03-2021 - 18-03-2021
Warsaw Pack
16-03-2021 - 18-03-2021
Warsaw Plast Expo
16-03-2021 - 18-03-2021
Warsaw Medical Expo
17-03-2021 - 18-03-2021
Warsaw Opti Expo
16-04-2021 - 17-04-2021
Go Active Show
New Date to be annouced
Warsaw Shop Expo
Spring 2021
Warsaw Bike Show
Spring 2021
Warsaw Humanitarian Expo
Autumn 2021

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Ptak Warsaw Expo has 6 modern halls and a huge parking lot. A place created to organize trade fairs, congresses and conferences, promotional and sporting events, concerts and film production.

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Located 10 minutes drive from the country’s largest international Chopin Airport and 15 minutes drive from the very center of Warsaw. Thanks to this, Ptak Warsaw Expo creates ideal conditions for business meetings at the highest level.